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First of all… have to appreciate the cover-up game from NDT here. Absolutely brilliant. Such a weird, self-deprecating, joking excuse that it immediately diffused  the situation after what has to be one of the weirder sexting responses of all time. I mean seriously, “taking off my shirt”. Come on. That’s funny. Round of applause.

But more importantly I just… I need to know what NDT was responding to. I don’t know. I’m sorry. I’m sure that’s weird. But I need to know what kind of sexting Neil is into. Is it philosophical? Is it mathematical? Is she asking the most geometrically efficient way to remove his clothes he can give her that equation? I don’t want to pry into people’s personal lives. I don’t need to see your texts and you certainly don’t need to see mine. But the curiosity in me needs to know what kind of question was being asked to this celebrity astrophysicist to warrant a response about his balance with a little pants-off-dance-off sexual innuendo. I’m sorry. I need to know and if that makes me weird then so be it.



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