Yup, This Just About Sums The Knicks Up…

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Yup, that should do it.

Honestly I’m so broken down mentally by this team that I’m almost encouraged by this. Like, short of winning the lottery we’re not getting Fultz or Ball. And Fox or Monk probably won’t fall to us at 7. Just seeing Ntilikina’s name here is, if nothing else, a sing that at least we might still draft a Point Guard. If those other four are gone I am 100% cool with Frank Ntilikina. Hundo p. Sign me up. He might not be the best on the board. And they might be doing it for the wrong reasons. But it’s still a point guard. And at the very least, despite Phil’s utter laziness and general incompetence thus far, his international scouting guy has been fantastic. The guy identified KP as the best guy in that draft and probably convinced Phil to take him once Phil’s giant ass-ed wet dream of Jahlil Okafor was off the board. He also discovered a gem in Willy, and found Kuz to go with it. So… you know… at least that’s something to hang our hats on… right?

P.S.   Lot of Knicks and Kristaps stuff to catch up on after these last few days of being away. I know you’re dying to read more about how this franchise continues to ruin our lives. Sorry for the delay.

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