Bathroom Lines Too Long At Sporting Events? I’ve Got A Solution For You

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Hi I’m Phil Swift here for Flex Sink.

Let me ask you something, have you ever been standing in line too long at a ballgame and thought, “man, this is taking forever!” I like to have a couple of dad sodas at the old ballpark — if you know what I mean — and I’ve missed THOUSANDS of big plays.

Well Folks,, have I got a solution for you…

Introducing… The Flex Sink!

It’s part sink, part urinal trough! Wash up while you wash out and get back out there before the next inning. You’ll never miss a big hit again.

I have no faith in humanity.

P.S.   My dad’s favorite dad story to pull out is when he took my to my first Yankee game. I was like four of five or whatever. Young, precocious Ham. And when I went over to the urinal I put my hands on the bottom to lift my little AVERAGE guy over the top. Just stood there grabbing porcelain for a full thirty seconds while I peed.

Some might call that disgusting. Can’t disagree. But in my mind all I did was help build up one of the strongest immune systems in the game baby. 25 years old and I ain’t seed a disease I couldn’t beat. Rather be sick in the head than sick in a bed. Jot that one down folks.

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