Good Morning To Everyone Except Chris Sale

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Fuck Chris Sale. That’s garbage. Garbage we’ve all come to expect from a white trash sociopath who cuts up uniforms like a child and throws hissy fits that he can’t hang out half naked with a homeschooled thirteen-year-old in the locker room every day. But still absolute garbage.

I get that there are unwritten rules and I get that it’s part of the game and yada fucking yada.

But think about how stupid the concept of throwing at someone is. Like… what are the potential outcomes here.

If you’re not trying to hurt them, then what’s the fucking point? What’s this message that you need to send that’s so important if you’ve already shown you’re not going to hurt the person? “hey, you better watch out, or maybe next time I will do something. Something that I was too afraid to do this time. But next time… watch out.”

If you’re trying to hurt them – then you’re trying to hurt them. You’re a scumbag. You’re not playing the sport. You’re intentionally trying to mess up someone’s living by means of a tactic outside the rules of the game. You’re a piece of shit. And you shouldn’t get to play if that’s what you’re about.

And yet we just accept this whole idea of throwing at guys like “hey, part of the game.” It’s wild to me. This guy is burning a pitch and/or putting a guy on base all for what? To either send a completely empty message, or to try and intentionally hurt someone?


Suspend guys for this shit so we can stop going through this pointlessly dangerous dance of “will he or will he not try to end my career”.

And start with this pedo lunatic.

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