A-Rod Watching J-Lo’s Show Is… In A Word… Amazing

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Laugh out loud, can’t breath, think-I-might-puke funny video. I’ve been laughing since I watched this video last and that’s part of the reason it’s taken me almost 24 hours to write it. Every time I go back to watch the video I end up keeling over and gasping for breath.

The other reason it’s taken so long is that I have no idea what to even write about it. Like… what do you say here? This is just A-Rod. Robotic yet awkward. Cringeworthy yet hilarious. Wholly insecure and yet brazenly confident. Calculated yet completely lacking even the slightest level of self awareness. The man is an enigma that in one sense we will never understand, yet in another understand so perfectly that this six second video can sit as a summation of his entire existence.


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