Chicago Dad Had The Best Reaction To The Bears Drafting MITCH Trubisky

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So genuine. So raw. So pure.

There are just some people who can knock a “what the fuck” out of the park and this dad might be Mickey Mantle. Perfect tone. Perfect volume. Perfect level of disgust.

A perfect reaction from a dad who just wanted to rebuild the Monsters Of The Midway with Solomon Thomas and instead gave up wayyyyy too much to draft a pretty boy quarterback who loves kissing titties.

And who also might love the Packers.

I don’t hate Mitch. I think Mitch can be a really good NFL Quarterback. And it’s not his fault that the NFL is filled with IDIOTS who graded him ahead of Deshaun I Shit Down Nick Saban’s Throat Twice How Is This Even A Debate Watson.

But god damn is is going to look stupid having given up two third’s and a fourth rounder to move up one spot to take the second best quarterback in the draft. And that’s even before you realize they probably could have stayed but and got him in the first place.

P.S.   Have to be concerned about tunnel vision with MITCH after this one folks.

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