Dion Waiters Wrote A Perfect Damn Article And Has Me Questioning Everything I Know About Irrational Confidence

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Read the whole article on The Players Tribune here. And I’m not just posting the link just to post it. I’m serious. Go read it.

Perfection. Absolute perfection.

This. This is everything I want from an NBA player. No, I don’t want a kid to see his mom and his dad and his best friend shot and killed. I don’t want kids to have to experience hardships I’ll never understand, all just for the entertainment of my fat lazy ass. That’s tragic.

But I want this swagger. I want this juice. I want this type of confidence — so real and so tangible that it’s made me question whether or not I can even call it irrational anymore. The NBA is all about situation, right? Maybe we’re only calling it irrational if we have some preconceived notion of what the better option is. Maybe when it goes from “Hey Dion, KD should be shooting, not you” to “You’re our guy”, then that confidence doesn’t seem so irrational anymore. Maybe we shouldn’t view confidence as anything but rational confidence. Confidence isn’t a fact — it’s a feeling or a belief. You can’t call confidence “wrong” when there’s nothing to be wrong about. Why shouldn’t someone like Dion be confident, right? What’s the evidence we have to call Dion wrong for his confidence? So long as you give him the right situation and foster that feeling… that belief… that completely rational confidence… who’s to say what he can’t do.

I want players who make me question that. Those are the guys that make the NBA so fun. To watch their failures, their mishaps, their brain farts… and then to watch them find the right situation. There’s nothing better. JR Smith found his perfect situation in Cleveland. Dion Waiters might have found his here in Miami. And maybe… just maybe… Swaggy P might have found his in LA with Luke Walton. There’s never been a happier day in my NBA-watching life than watching JR Smith reach the mountaintop.

We should be watching Playoff Dion right now. We should be watching Playoff Dion tonight taking the Cavs or Celtics to game five. We should be watching Playoff Dion go shot for shot with LeBron and Kyrie. We should be watching Playoff Dion take Avery Bradley off the dribble. We should get all of that. And it sucks that we’re not.

But Dion is right about one thing – we’re damn lucky he’s home doing these damn articles.

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