Breaking News: I’ve Adopted Aaron Judge As My Newest Large Adult Son

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“Wow” is god damn right baby.

Think about what it takes to make a baseball lifer who calls games almost every day to say “wow” like that. Seriously, think about that.

Al Leiter has probably watched a million home runs get hit over the course of his lifetime. He’s seen clutch home runs, he’s seen far home runs. He’s seen home runs roped over the fence, he’s seen home runs skied into the bleachers. Any and every type of home run you can think of,  Al Leiter has seen it.

Aaron Judge still made him say “wow”. I don’t even think Leiter meant to do it. I don’t think he did that for the broadcast or as a means of playing it up. I think he was just sitting back letting Michael Kay do the call (*vehemently restrains self from a Kay take*) and couldn’t stop himself from letting out a “wow” when that ball took off.

448 Feet into the bleachers. 116 Miles Per Hour exit velocity. And that was on a pitch that only came in at 78.

This kid is something special, man. We’ve focused so much on Sanchez and Bird and Frazier and Torres that it’s easy to forget how good Aaron Judge is too. We’re talking about a kid with special, special power. Fourteen games into his first full season and he’s already a must-watch at bat every time. He’s just scratching the surface of his abilities… just starting to understand how to hit… and yet when he steps in there with that 6’7″ frame he’s already a daunting opponent for pitchers. Yes, the strikeouts are still an issue. But they’re down from last year and will continue to drop as he adjusts to hitting at this level. That’s what happened every step he took up in the minors, and I don’t expect that to change.

And he’s now my newest large adult son. I’m so confident in what I’ve seen from him that I’ve invited him to join the family. Filed the papers, crossed the i’s and dotted the t’s, and received final approval. And just like that, the Ham family has another.

Congrats Kristaps, Willy, and Deshaun – you have a new large adult baby brother!

And yes, he’s very large.

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