The Patriots Had A Huge Turnout To Visit Trump Today. YUGE. Just Kidding Like Half The Team Skipped It.

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Fake News.



This is obviously all about politics… but politics aside that is a hilarious picture. I mean seriously is that the New England Patriots or the *Cleveland Cavaliers? There might honestly be more staff members than players there. I counted 54 people total and if that’s more than half the number with Obama above (absolutely not counting that high) I’ll eat a MAGA hat whole.

He didn’t even get Brady! He didn’t even get his good pal Touchdown Tommy. He’s know a lot of guys would skip this thing for a while now. Well, maybe. Who knows how his brain works. But at least he could look forward to his photoshoot with Brady. And then he has to walk out there today and put a smile on while being absolutely dead on the inside that Tommy won’t be there. It’s enough to make me almost… almost feel bad for the guy.

And look I know none of this actually matters. It just doesn’t. We can laugh at the pictures and all, but like the inauguration, at the end of the day he’s still the President. But god damn if it isn’t funny to picture Donald leaving this photo op and storming into the Oval Office and absolutely LOSING his mind. Just throwing a temper tantrum for the ages, kicking and screaming as mom and dad Ivanka and Jared try to get him in front of the TV to calm down and watch his cartoons cable news and wear himself out enough to get to bed before 8. We might be on the brink of Nuclear War, but god damn if I won’t laugh at the thought of this while my skin and bones melt to dust.

*speaking of the Cavs… there’s absolutely no shot the NBA Champion shows up next fall, right? I just can’t imagine the Warriors or Cavs showing up. Which means that I also wouldn’t be shocked if Trump cancelled team visits altogether after this just to save himself the embarrassment.

P.S.   While we’re here… for the sake of acknowledging the flaws of both sides… the worst people on earth today are the people getting angry about Gronk popping in on Sean Spicer this morning. There were actual people… actual human beings who walk this earth… who said things like this:

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 5.02.55 PM.png


You know what my thoughts were about the Trump administration after Gronk popped into that press briefing? They are the exact same thoughts I had about the Trump administration before Gronk popped into that press briefing. Joking around about and enjoying Gronk messing around at the White House did not change anything… ANYTHING… about my thoughts or any person in the entire world’s thoughts about Trump. Not one single bit. We’re all relatively rational people who can look at something like that and laugh and not suddenly be swayed to change my entire worldview.

I’m all for the guys who decided not to visit the White House. All for it. But I can still hold that belief without seeing Gronk pull a gag in the press room and think “THIS IS PROMOTING FASCISM! THIS IS PROMOTING FASCISM!”

We can all separate a simple joke from real, serious issues in the world. Just relax and get these jokes off with the rest of us.


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