National Champion Mike Williams Says NFL Teams Asked “How Would You Kill Someone?” At The Combine

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Hey guys, just a quick reminder that the Clemson Tigers won the National Championship four months ago thanks in good part to one Michael Williams. Mike Williams, who took a wildly illegal helmet to helmet hit from Tony Brown only to come right back into the game and willingly spin back towards the Alabama linebackers in the middle of the field on his next catch. Mike Williams, who tore up a secondary with multiple NFL players to the tune of 8 catches for 94 yards and a touchdown. Mike Williams, who made multiple outrageous catches including one on the final drive to win the National Championship. That Mike Williams.

What was this blog about ag– oh yeah…

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Guys if we’re being honest here, I think this is a totally justifiable question.

This isn’t Jeff Ireland asking Dez Bryant if his mom is a hooker. This is pertinent information. There are NFL players who have, you know, actually killed people before. Some of them maybe did so after their playing career in the town of Brentwood. Some of them maybe did so at a Super Bowl party in Atlanta and snitched on their friends to get away with it. Some of them maybe did so for years under Urban Meyer’s nose and then finally got caught in New England and just happened to have killed themselves today.

And while I do genuinely believe that what players do in their personal time is their own business, committing murder does, in fact, kind of affect whether or not they’ll be able to give their team quality snaps on Sundays. Oh and it affects the lives of people who’s loved ones are killed. But more importantly, we need you in pads on Sunday. Odell Beckham being on a boat on his off day then putting in a great week of practice = his own business. Aaron Hernandez murdering his friend and not being able to suit up Week 1 because he’s in prison awaiting trial = the team’s business. The best ability is availability and availability is very much in question when you’re serving life on a murder one charge. Jot that one down in your playbook son.

P.S.   Oh and for the record, this isn’t a new question. NFL front offices may be filled with idiots who will all pass on Deshaun Watson and regret it for the rest of their lives, but they know what they’re doing when it comes to Combine questioning.

Well… except Jeff Ireland.

P.P.S.   The NFL is so fucking weird man.

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