George Foreman Really Is A Savage Out Here With These Tweets

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Anyone wondering if George was just elderly and out of touch or actually flexing on everyone with that tweet a few weeks ago… here’s your answer.

Dude is just an absolute savage. I don’t even think he’s pitching Grills anymore. He’s really just out here flaming dead athletes on the Twitter machine for the fun of it. Joe Frazier – Dead. Ken Norton – Dead. Muhammed Ali – Dead. Aaron… Hernandez? DEAD. We’re out here eating good n’ healthy to stay alive n’ spry into out eighties and also not murdering our friends and killing ourselves in jail. Eatin’ good because baby I’m Big George and I’m trying to stay alive to get those tweets off. Folks may be dying left and right, but I’m still ready to give you a left and a right well into the tenth round baby.

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