Bill O’Reilly Out At FOX News, Will No Longer Be Doing It Live… Or At All, For That Matter

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Folks I call him Dill O’Reilly because Fox News was really in a pickle on this one. 

God damnit I hate myself so much.

You remember in Step Brothers when they’re on the job interview in Seth Rogan’s office. Rogan thinks it’s funny that they’re wearing tuxedos. And then John C. Reilly (Dale Doback) farts for a full minute and it smells like ketchup and onions and then Rogan starts to put things together and then the tuxedos seem kind of fucked up.


Remember how “FUCK IT WE’LL DO IT LIVE” was this hilarious outtake that we’d all joke about? We’d all quote it like ha ha look at the well mannered news anchor losing his temper. It’s funny, it’s ironic, it’s a memorable internet moment.

Yeah now that clip seems kind of fucked up.

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