Rudy Giuliani Comes To Melo’s Defense For Cheating On La La… Wait What?

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Well… um… that’s one person I didn’t expect to come to the defense of Carmelo Anthony. I know the man is on his third wife and probably has a soft spot for millionaires in the spotlight who (*don’t get in trouble for libel here Ham*) may have possibly done something outside of the marriage that potentially maybe possibly have involved… relations… and… well you know what I mean. But I didn’t exactly expect Rudy Giuliani and his racist ass teeth (credit: @desusnice) to be the one to stop and frisk this story and come out on the side of a young black male.


Life in the Upside Down is wild stuff man.


Speaking of coming to Melo’s defense… what do you think is gonna happen with the Banana Boat Crew? Bron and Savannah, Wade and Gabrielle Union, CP3 and Jada, Melo and La La… that was basketball royalty man.

The offseason cruises, the wine toasts, the banana boat rides, the scheme they pulled where they took over the Players Union and renegotiate important pieces of the Collective Bargaining Agreement to perfectly align the new veteran contract rules in their favor to ensure all four could negotiate the highest possible salaries as their careers wind down that carry them to 38 instead of 36.

What happens to all of that? Who’s side does everyone take in the divorce? I know the whole Crew is built on the foundation of, you know, those four guys being four of the most prominent players in the NBA who have held a longstanding friendship BROTHERHOOD. But would you be shocked if it was the women who wore the pants in any of these relationships? Savannah and Jada have been with LeBron and Chris since before the NBA. Gabrielle Union is Gabrielle fucking Union. I feel like when push comes to shove the women have the say in each case. And I bet they all look at what Melo did and put their foot down. Besides… Melo didn’t even want to go play with Lebron in Cleveland. Melo didn’t want to go play in Wade’s home town of Chicago. Melo didn’t want to accept a trade to Los Angeles with Chris. Melo didn’t structure his contract to match up with the other guys. Shit, Melo even chose to skip the Banana Boat cruise to go to they Olympics without these guys last summer.

All I’m saying is that I wouldn’t be shocked if Melo’s invitation to the next Banana Boat cruise got pulled. I’m not saying La La will be there either. But I don’t expect to see Melo laughing it up on Gabrielle Union’s snapchat come July after this. The other reason being that he might have the birth of a child coming up.

On the bright side, I know just the newly married man who can take his place…


Jesus Christ… I pay way too much attention to the NBA.

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