The Last Jedi Trailer Is Here To Kick Off Your Weekend

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My one gif review of this trailer, courtesy of @JimmyDonofrio

Lottttt to live up to here for The Last Jedi. Not just within the context of the history of the franchise, but also just in comparison to the last two. The Force Awakens was AWESOME. As good a reboot as you could ever ask for. And THEN they followed that up with Rogue One – which might legitimately be the second or third best movie in the franchise. Rogue One was so good I saw it twice in theaters. Do you know what it takes to get my broke, lazy ass to a theatre TWICE?

That’s the expectations this movie has to live up to. And you know what? Based solely on that trailer, I bet they meet them. What reason do I have to doubt Abrams and Lucas at this point? They’ve earned our trust. They’ve knocked these first two out of the park. This trailer looks awesome. And I bet the Han Solo movie next year is even better.

Can’t believe we have to wait until Christmas for this. And I thought Game Of Thrones was far away in July. Goddammit.

Oh and if you’d like a good Friday cry, Star Wars released a Carrie Fisher tribute that will soak up your keyboard. God damn…

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