Is The United Passenger The “Asian Rosa Parks”? Well…

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USA Today  —  An attorney for David Dao, the doctor who was dragged off a United flight this week, said during a news conference that he received an email from someone who likened his client to Rosa Parks.

Lawyer Thomas Demetrio said Dao 69, remains hospitalized with a concussion, broken nose, damaged sinuses, and other injuries that included the loss of two teeth following the incident.

“Dr. Dao, I believe to his great credit, has come to understand that he is the guy, the guy to stand up for all passengers going forward,” lawyer Thomas Demetrio said during a news conference Thursday. Demetrio said someone emailed him that Dao refusing to give up his seat made him the “Asian version of Rosa Parks,” but he added that he didn’t think what happened to Dao was racially motivated and could have happened to anyone.

On social media, some have already compared Dao, who is Vietnamese and was chosen to give up his seat but refused, to Rosa Parks, while others slammed the comparison.

“David Dao was like the Asian Rosa Parks but more brutal,” Twitter user @yolksoup tweeted on Tuesday.

Eh… I don’t know if I can necessarily agree here. Pre-Civil Rights segregation and inhuman mistreatment of black people… the hassles of modern airfare… not exactly the same thing in my book

I mean think about it. All Rosa really had to do was move a few rows back on the bus. And everyone who’s ever gone on a field trip or played on a high school sports team knows the back of the bus is where all the cool kids sat anyway. You pack lips and cause a ruckus and fuck with kids trying to go to the bathroom. The back of the bus was fucking dope. And yeah Rosa was an old lady and all and it’s tough to walk through those skinny little aisles. I get that. But why wouldn’t you want to go and hang out with all your friends in the back? Why didn’t Rosa want to sit with the other black people? Was Rose Parks RACIST against black people? Was Rose Parks maybe… culturally appropriating white seating culture? I’m not saying… I’m just saying…

On the flip side, you have David Dao. This man was dragged off the plane like a goddamn animal. All Rosa was asked to do was stay on the bus and move back a little bit because she was looked at as a lesser person. She was still going to get there in time. Is that really that big a deal?

Poor David Dao was being forced to accept $800 and a free night in a hotel and a day off from work to MISS HIS FLIGHT. Not exactly even in my book.

Do you know what it’s like to have to miss a flight? Sitting in the airport eating Applebees and drinking airport beers. The man would have had to spend like a BILLION dollars on snacks at a Hudson News stand. And lord knows what the hotel would have looked like. Free hotel? Probably put him up in a hostel where he has to sleep with his eyes wide open for fear of being robbed of that $800 he was given.

And what did David Dao do? He said no. He refused to give up his seat. That takes bravery. That takes real courage. That takes a steely resolve. And with that decision, he started a revolution. No longer will we be treated like seat numbers on an airline. No longer will we take large payouts and free hotel stays to miss our flights. WE SHALL OVERCOME.

P.S.   Do you think companies and brands put the stupidest employee in charge of social media intentionally now? Like hey, this job is really easy. And if he or she screws up, everyone on Twitter will be talking about us. All publicity is good publicity these days, right? You know, except or course having a passenger’s lifeless body dragged off the plane because you intentionally overbook flights. That’s not exactly good publicity. But you get my point right?

P.P.S.   Fuck this guy is gonna make so much money.



P.P.S.   While anyone calling this guy “the Asian Rosa Parks” is absolutely fucking insane… and I want to make that crystal fucking clear, you are a stupid person if you seriously compare a guy refusing to get off a flight to one of the most influential members of the civil rights movement… that doesn’t mean this guy won’t go down as one of the most influential figures in the history of flight. It’s like 1) The Wright Brothers, 2) The Shoe Bomber, 3) David Dao.

Think about all the effects of this incident. United itself has lost about a billion dollars. Airlines everywhere are now reevaluating how they will approach overbooking. If airlines stop overbooking, prices could skyrocket. And most importantly, anyone who is asked to leave a plane can and will hold out as long as they can, knowing they have all the leverage now because everything is recorded.

Again, it’s NOT the Civil Rights movement. But it’s got some wide ranging effects.

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