When You’re Bombing Ira– I Mean Syria But The Chocolate Cake Thicc AF

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This is so weird man… in Stranger Things I could’ve sworn it was always dark in The Upside Down. I’m not crazy, right? It was always dark in The Upside Down, right?

Because it’s been 70 and sunny all week here in New York. Maybe a little dreary today I guess, but nothing like what I expected when we entered The Upside Down. I mean, don’t get me wrong, it’s definitely very dark from a metaphorical standpoint. Almost as dark as it was, say, at the Holocaust Centers or something. But on the bright side we’ve still got sunshine and warm weather to look forward to! High 60’s tomorrow through Saturday! 82 this Sunday! Hah Hah!

We’re all going to die while he comes onto a steak at Mar-A-Lago, aren’t we? Goddammit. Just as I was starting to look good again.


P.S.   Cake stinks. Don’t even attempt to try and @ me on this. All cakes stink. Give me pie. Give me ice cream. Forget dessert and just give me more of the incredible dinner we just ate. I will gladly enjoy another piece of chicken or another helping of mac and cheese or whatever else is left over from the actual meal. Cake stinks. And I bet that piece at Mar-A-Lago is all flash, no substance. President Xi probably puked that thing out in a napkin and flipped the plate over in the trash to avoid WWIII.

“Yes Donald. It was phenomenal. Best piece of cake I’ve ever had.”


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