“Fear Factor” Is Coming Back With Ludacris As The New Host – No Word If His Fake CGI Abs Will Be A Part Of The Show

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NEW YORK (AP) — Be very afraid. MTV says it is reviving the stunt competition series “Fear Factor.” Ludacris will host the new series, which premieres May 30, MTV announced Wednesday.

The new “Fear Factor” promises to “hit on youth tension points” with challenges like “Roach-ella,” ”Trap Queen” and personal cellphone rescues at heights of over 100 feet. On each episode, contestants will pair up into four teams — whether siblings, roommates or best friends — to compete for $50,000 in cash.

MTV promises that contestants will confront their fears, be pushed beyond their comfort zones and take action against some of their biggest stressors on the show. “Fear Factor” originally aired on NBC from 2001-06.

(Full Video on Comedy Central)

Okay… elephant in the room here… it sucks that this was announced on the day we lost Charlie Murphy. When Chappelle’s specials debuted on Netflix a few weeks ago, we all went back and watched old sketches and old stand up bits and it was incredible. Today we did the same thing, just to a sadder tune. I wrote an entire blog with clips and gifs from the best Charlie Murphy moments on the show. What I’m trying to say is… we’ve consumed a lot of Chappelle lately.

But hey, when there’s something that relates back to a Chappelle joke or a Chappelle sketch, it’s going to get posted. And I can’t just see news about the return of Fear Factor without immediately thinking of Tyrone Biggums’s legendary Fear Factor performance. Because it’s hilarious. Absolutely hilarious. There are some hilarious moments in there that make “Imma tell you something about me Joe Rogan that you might not know, I smoke rocks” like the ninth funniest thing in this sketch.

“Oh Joe Rogan you crazy”

“I haven’t had a chance to sit still and read in so long”

The “Goddamn” when Rogan says 1000 degrees

“Hey Joe Rogan, is it almost lunchtime?”

“My feet are strong”

Lighting the cig with his toe

Dipping his finger in the sauce

“Hurry up girl I wanna do my turn”

“And yada yada yada”

It’s as good a showcase of Chappelle’s impeccable comedic timing as anything. God damn I miss this show man. And again, #RIP Charlie Murphy


As for Ludacris… I mean look, I’m never going to watch this show. It’s gonna be awful. Maybe I’ll give it five minutes at the debut. But it’s gonna be awful. I just don’t care enough to even write about the show concept or Luda’s hosting ability or anything like that. Nobody cares.

I really just can’t get over that Ludacris video from yesterday.

I mean is he kidding with these CGI abs? This has to be a joke, right? I think I’m usually pretty woke with these things. Like this was just a spoof to get the video some attention. But what’s the joke? What’s the point? I just don’t get it.

It honestly feels to me like Luda was dead serious about these wildly fake CGI abs.

Like… put it this way… would you be that shocked if Luda didn’t get the joke with the Fast & Furious movies. Like The Rock, Statham, Tyrese? They get it. They’re hamming it up for the cameras. They know the deal. But Luda? Would you be shocked if Luda genuinely thought he was acting his ass off and absolutely crushing it? No – right?

So would you be that shocked if he thought these CGI abs were working? Would you be shocked if he watched the video and was “yo I look CUT”. I’m not trying to say Luda is stupid or anything. I just think he’s reached a level of fame and fortune that he’s kind of just become a caricature of himself. He’s so removed from real life that he can see that video and think that’s a totally normal depiction of human abs that people will believe.

Or hey, maybe this was all a viral marketing campaign for Fear Factor. Will you put out a music video with the fakest, most obviously CGI’d abs of all time for one hundred million views? Yes. Alright then. Ludacris, it seems as if fear, is not a factor for you.

P.S.   I left Vin Diesel out above because I think Vin just becomes Dominic Toretto. He’s not acting. But he’s not not acting either. He’s not even aware that it’s a movie. I think he just steps on set and becomes a different person. He doesn’t have any lines or any prep. He just becomes Dom and goes with it and they build the movie around that. When he’s Dominic Toretto, he has no concept of “being in a movie”. It’s like he blacks out and just starts living Dominic Toretto’s life. And then when it’s all done, he goes back to being Vin Diesel and does all the press for the movie and lives life as Vin Diesel, the actor, until they start filming the next Fast movie.

Friday can’t come soon enough.


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