United Airlines Stock? Nice. What’s That? They’ve Lost A Billion Dollars Already? Oh Okay Nevermind Then. But Still… Nice

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I mean… not nice to see your company go in the tank and lose nearly a BILLION dollars in Market Value. And even if the stock does recover, you’re still gonna have about a nine figure payout for dragging a man’s lifeless, exposed stomach off a plane like a deleted scene from Hacksaw Ridge. Sure, airlines are pretty much unimpeachable at this point. As much of a PR nightmare as this was – I’m sure people will still buy a United flight as soon as it’s the cheapest option. Rebrand, change the logo, maybe even change the name. They’ll be fine in the long run if they play this right. Still, not exactly a nice day to be a United employee.

But… but… I mean, how often do you get a chance to buy stock at 69.69. Think about all the money rolling in at this exact moment. Think on the bright side… right?

I’m sorry this blog stunk… let’s see if I can at least stick the landing…

Me waking up with a Tuesday morning hangover after going to the Yanks home opener


Nailed it.

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