Ham’s Hoops Roundup April 11th – Goodbye To The Palace

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Scores and ATS Results

Indiana 120 – Philadelphia 111

Cleveland 121 – Miami 124 (OT)

Brooklyn 105 – Boston 114

Washington 105 – Detroit 101

Orlando 75 – Chicago 122

Charlotte 79 – Milwaukee 89

San Antonio 98 – Portland 99

Utah 105 – Golden State 99

Houston 96 – LA Clippers 125

Have A Night The Palace At Auburn Hills


On Monday night the Detroit Pistons and the NBA said goodbye to the Palace At Auburn Hills. Probably, at worst, the third most famous arena in NBA history behind the Real Garden and the Boston Garden. Fine, maybe The Forum too. But that’s it.

Think of everything that happened there. All those battles with the Celtics and the Lakers in the 80’s. The Bad Boys vs. Jordan. Peak Grant Hill. All those wildly boring Chauncey-Rip-Ben teams in the early 2000’s. And that’s all without mentioning quite possibly the darkest moment in NBA history. Bummer that Ron Ron and Captain Jax couldn’t make it.

I still think Jermaine O’Neal coming in full speed to just wash Fake Turtle is one of the funniest moments in NBA history. If his front leg doesn’t slip I genuinely think he would have punched Fake Turtle’s head clean off his body.

Oh and also Detroit lost thanks to Brad Beal’s 33. I didn’t think it was possible for me to care less about a single team and their season than the Arizona Diamondbacks, but this Pistons season proved me wrong. The only people who cared less than me were all the players on the actual team. Be more apathetic, Detroit… you can’t

Have A Night Jonathan Simmons

Speaking of decapitations… Rest In Peace In Peace to Meyers Leonard

And also to Brian Roberts

Have A Night Shabazz Napier

And also Noah Vonleh for one of the incredible Right Place Right Time buckets you’ll ever see.

Around The Association

This is peak… PEAK Doc Rivers. Screaming himself hoarse. Saying nothing of value. And knowing that his team is hundo p not listening to a word he’s saying.

Speaking of the Clippers… Jamal is still a goddamn magician

Thanks for playing, Dante

Schedule for Tuesday, April 11th

Charlotte – Atlanta     (-8.5)     7:30

Oklahoma City – Minnesota     (-4)     8:00   NBATV

Denver – Dallas     (-1.5)     8:30

New Orleans – LA Lakers     (-3)     10:30

Phoenix – Sacramento     (-3)     10:30   NBATV

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