Ham’s Hoops Roundup April 10th – It’s Fun To Watch Russell Westbrook Play Basketball

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Scores and ATS Results

Toronto 110 – New York 97

Cleveland 125 – Atlanta 126 (OT)

Oklahoma City 106 – Denver 105

Dallas 111 – Phoenix 124

Houston 135 – Sacramento 128

Detroit 103 – Memphis 90

Minnesota 109 – LA Lakers 110

Have A Night Russy Wussy


That’s it.

I give in.

Russ is the MVP.

I mean what a moment. What a fucking moment. I’ve rewatched it a dozen times and smiled wider each time. I mean how can you not? How could you ever root against Russ? How could you not enjoy this? I’m mad at myself for ever letting the MVP debate distract from any and all the enjoyment of watching Russ play basketball.

So at least for these last however many games, let’s all try to do that again. Because the MVP debate is over. Russ won. James Harden had an outrageous 35-15-11 triple double of his own yesterday, and Russ still sewed it up. It’s over. That was his MVP moment. And regardless who you think the MVP is (it’s still Kawhi), Russ won the award last night.

Now, how many games does Russ have left? That remains to be seen. I wrote it last week and I’ll say it again… Houston is not a lock to win this series. Houston has the better team. Houston arguably has the better player. Houston has home court. But as we saw last year… the Playoff Thunder are a different animal. No, Durant and Ibaka are not walking back through those doors. But these guys still have playoff chops. They can defend and rebound and those things start to matter a lot more come April and May. Billy Donovan raised his game in a huge way as a coach last year. And most importantly… if you think what we’ve ween from Regular Season Scorched Earth Russ was something… imagine Playoff Scorched Earth Russ.

I genuinely believe there’s a chance this Thunder team can go on a run. There’s a lot of NBA Playoff stuff coming this week. So I’ll get into it more then. But with Russ at the helm, there’s no reason the Thunder can’t compete with anyone

Well, anyone but Golden State.

Have A Night Karl-Anthony Towns

Nice quiet little 40-20 game from Karl as he finishes out a nice quiet little season averaging 25-12. No big deal. Just one of the best across the board statistical seasons we’ve seen from a big man in a decade. And he doesn’t even turn 22 until next November. And he probably won’t even make an All NBA Team if people list Anthony Davis as a center. Good lord the league is stacked with talent right now man.

Have A Night Willy Hernangomez

The Knicks stink the season is almost over James Dolan is satan I hate Phil Jackson why do still put up with this team blah blah blah

Yo my other large adult son Willy is the fucking TRUTH. 24 and 11. Five very impressive assists. Three steals. Two of two from three! (His foot was on the line for one of them)

Willy Hernangomez can fucking play in this league man. I still think Kristaps should be the starting center, and I think he will be moving forward in crunch time. But having a guy like Willy as your first big off the bench is not a bad place to be. The kid can fucking play. He’s strong, he’s crafty, and he give a shit. Add in Ronny Bakes nearly putting up a triple double (11-8-8 from Ron) and another strong game from Kuz and that’s three rookies who, despite the usual turmoil surrounding this franchise, have shown themselves to be rotation players in this league. Yes, Ron Baker is a rotation player in the NBA. Disagree and we’re fighting on the spot.

Around The Association

The West Playoff Picture is locked it. We’ve got:

(1) Golden State  vs.  (8) Portland

(4) Utah  vs.  (5) Los Angeles

(3) Houston  vs.  (6) Oklahoma City

(2) San Antonio  vs.  (7) Memphis

Utah and LA are still technically tied right now with two games left, so that could flip. LA has Houston and Sacramento. Utah gets Golden State and San Antonio, both likely resting their guys. But regardless of home court, those two are locked in. And while Houston-OKC is clearly the featured series out West, Utah-LA has the potential to be an awesome matchup that could easily go seven.

Like I said above, we’ll get to all this as the week goes on. Lot of NBA Playoff Preview and also Fast and the Furious talk on What’s the Action this week. Got me out here blogging like.


Schedule for Monday, April 10th

Indiana – Philadelphia     (+8)     7:00

Cleveland – Miami     ( )     7:30

Brooklyn – Boston     (-10)     7:30

Washington – Detroit      (+2)     8:00

Orlando – Chicago     ( )     8:00

Charlotte – Milwaukee     ( )     8:00

San Antonio – Portland     ( )     10:00

Utah – Golden State     ( )     10:30

Houston – LA Clippers     (-6)     10:30

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