AJ McCarron Is Opening A Sushi Restaurant Called “AJian Sushi”… Wait, What?

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Former Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron will co-open a new sushi restaurant in Tuscaloosa alongside co-owner Pete Zimmer, according to The Crimson White.

Ajian Sushi’s signature will be a ‘build your own’ option where patrons can choose from a variety of options from proteins, vegetables, toppings and sauces to create an $8 delight.

Zimmer, whose son is a sophomore at Alabama, floated the idea to Michael Johnson, one of McCarron’s teammates with the Cincinnati Bengals.

“I ran into Michael while I was in Cincinnati, and he was really enthusiastic about my idea for the restaurant,” Zimmer told The Crimson White. “So I asked if he thought AJ might be interested in co-owning the place with me, and he went on to mention it to AJ at practice. The next day I had a text from AJ that said ‘I’m in, let’s do this.’”

Ajian Sushi will be the first of 10 to open in Alabama, Zimmer says. The grand opening is tentatively scheduled for June 1.

I’ve been waiting for the right time to discuss this news. It’s been tough for me to come to terms with this, since I’ve been blogging so well lately. But I’ll actually be leaving What’s The Action in a few days. And no, I won’t be going to another site. I’m leaving the blog life for good. As fun as it my be to ramble on about basketball and blog white supremacist tweets and take intimidating mirror selfie videos for a living, it’s not the most profitable occupation. I need to put food on the table for my large adult children.


And so it is with a heavy heart that I announce I’ll be shutting down What’s The Action.

And opening up a brand new burrito food truck. It’s called MexiHam Delight. We specialize in pork-based burritos and tacos for on the go 9 to 5ers looking for a quick bite to eat. The first truck will be up and operational within the next few months. Thanks to everyone who’s been reading the site. Thanks to my initial investors. And thanks to the Mexican people, who were all totally cool with this name so don’t even try to get me to change it.

P.S.   #NeverForget that AJ McCarron has the wildest chest tat of all time


Also while we’re on the subject of Bama #NeverForget that time they gave up three touchdowns in the fourth quarter to the greatest college quarterback of all time and lost 35-31 and then kicked that quarterback out of one of their trashy Alabama bars which this stupid AJian Sushi place will probably be next to a few months later because they’re the saddest human beings alive. #NeverForget




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