Jimmy Kimmel Had An Awesome, Emotional Tribute To Don Rickles That You All Should Watch

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Shoutout to Don Rickles.

I’m not going to sit here and give some glowing review as if I followed the guy’s entire career. I mean he’s been around forever and was still as funny as ever until his dying day, but he was still a guy from before my time. Chappelle, Burr, CK, Mencia. Those guys I could write ten thousand words on. I can do that about Don Rickles.

But he’s still Don Rickles.

And if you’re in any way a fan of comedy, you know Don Rickles. You’ve seen his spots on the old Dean Martin Roasts. You’ve seen him crush every late night appearance he’s ever done from Carson to Kimmel. You’ve watched him lay into Artie and Norm in Dirty Work. And on and on and on. The man was a comedic genius. A sheer comedic genius. His timing. His wit. His ability to make even the meanest insults feel lighthearted. Incomparable. Every single thing you and I have ever watched of Don Rickles is some of the funniest material you’ll ever see. Whether prepared or off the cuff.

So watch this video. Have a few hearty laughs. Maybe shed a tear right there with Kimmel. Then go scour YouTube for some of Don’s best work. RIP to one of the Comedy GOATS.

P.S.   I love that he loved Kimmel. Since Letterman retired Kimmel is so far and away the funniest of all the late night guys, and to have arguably the greatest late night guest acknowledge that says everything. Corden is wildly talented. Colbert is still brilliant. And Oliver and Bee are both awesome at what they do. But pound for pound, traditional style late night comedy, Kimmel is miles ahead of the field.

P.P.S.   I love any story that reminds people how dark Frank Sinatra was. Like yeah guys, all that mob stuff isn’t some urban legend conspiracy thing. Frank was actually really, really dark and could get you killed real quick. Tread lightly.

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