Ham’s Hoops Roundup April 7th – Paul George Is Still Real To Me Dammit


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Scores and ATS Results

Brooklyn 107 – Orlando 115   (Orlando -2.5)

Chicago 102 – Philadelphia 90   (Chicago -4.5)

Milwaukee 89 – Indiana 104   (Indiana -4.5)

Washington 106 – New York 103   (New York +5.5)

Boston 116 – Atlanta 123   (Atlanta +1.5)

Minnesota 98 – Portland 105   (Portland -5.5)

Have A Night Paul George

First of all – MONSTER back to back wins over two playoff teams in Toronto and Milwaukee from a very desperate Pacers team that had lost six of seven beforehand. That win vaults them up to the eight seed – a half game in front of Miami. And with a remaining schedule of Orlando, Philly, and Atlanta, that’s a HUGE leg up on a Miami team facing Toronto, Washington, Cleveland, and Washington over their last four.

As for George – it kind of feels like we haven’t talked much about him right? I mean I can’t really remember featuring George in a Hoops Roundup since he got out-dueled by Kawhi back in February. Honestly, this might be his only “Have A Night” of the entire season.

So I guess this is a win for George. As up and down as this Pacers season has been, and as polarizing as this team can be on a night to night basis… they could still be entering the playoffs with arguably the second or third best player in the conference and one of the only guys in the league who’s truly gone toe-to-toe with Lebron in the playoffs. And that has to count for something, right?

John Wall is incredible and has proven before that he can raise his game in the playoffs. Isaiah is a gamer who can go basket-for-basket with anyone, even if Lebron did murder the Celtics on Wednesday. Giannis is still just a pup, but he’s shown he’s not scared to match up with Cleveland. And you’ll never catch me saying Jimmy Butler can’t hold his own on both ends with Lebron, especially with Wade at his side.

But Paul George has looked prime Lebron in the eye in two different Conference Finals and taken him to seven and six games. Granted, his teams are not what they were. But George almost single-handedly beat a far superior Raptors team last season, Turner is a year older with some Playoff chops of his own. And yeah that’s really the only case to make for Indy… but it’s something, right?

George can check Lebron as well as anyone not named Kawhi and Jimmy, and can give him buckets on the other end. And you know he won’t be scared.

I don’t know man… maybe I’m just trying to talk myself into someone challenging Lebron after what Bron did on Wednesday. But I’d at least keep all this rambling in mind going into next weekend. At the very worst, a Pacers-Cavs first round series would give us a few fun games with a few great battles between Lebron and George.

Also, Giannis is still awesome.


Have A Night Allen Crabbe

Folks I haven’t seen someone drop bombs from distance like this sin– hey you know what nevermind let’s move on

Have A Night Paul Millsap

Big win for Atlanta to jump back into fifth place in the East. Of those five teams battling for the last four playoff sports, it’s hard to imagine Atlanta falling out at this point. Even facing a home and home with Cleveland tonight and Sunday, it’s not hard to imagine Cleveland resting their guys Sunday in Atlanta. And okay that’s entirely too much Hawks talk already. I can’t wait to watch a cumulative ten minutes of all four games of them getting swept on NBATV.

Around The Association

It still blows my mind when Giannis dunks like he’s playing on a Fisher Price hoop. Dear lord…

Rest In Peace, Mate.

Nobody wants to play Chicago. I mean, it’s not like they’re particularly hot or anything. I’m sure they’ll drop one or two of their final three games – being that those three games are at Brooklyn, home for Orlando, and home for Brooklyn. It’s just that as long as they’re playing on TNT, they could walk into Cleveland, Boston, Washington, or Toronto and win at any moment. Also, they still have Jimmy. And Jimmy is very good at basketball.

Indy Lance is so fucking back.


You think you can phase Ron Baker? You don’t phase Ron Baker. Nobody phases Ron Baker

I will say though, the John Wall lefty dunk still gets the people going

Don’t want it. Need it.

Healthy Jeremy Lin? Dude still gets buckets.



Schedule for Friday, April 7th:

Miami – Toronto   (-5.5)     7:30

Atlanta – Cleveland   (-11.5)     7:30

Detroit – Houston   (-11.5)     8:00

New York – Memphis   (-11.5)     8:00

San Antonio – Dallas   (-6)     8:30

Minnesota – Utah   (-9)     9:00

New Orleans – Denver   (-7)     9:00

Oklahoma City – Phoenix   (+8.5)     10:00

Sacramento – LA Lakers   (-2)     10:30

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