Good Morning To Everyone Except This Total Loser Blogging About Spring Football

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Good morning to everyone except me? Hah. Good morning to me and only me. You don’t want to read about Clemson Football in the spring? Too bad. You’re going to read about Clemson Football in the spring. I’m literally going to repost the entire blog right here and you’re going to read it and LIKE IT. Back with the O’Reilly Factor after a word from our spons– what’s that? They’re still gone? Alright we’re back on the O’Reilly Factor, this episode has been brought to you commercial free by our good friends… at… the NFL!


From yesterday:

The Sporting Event Of The Spring Is Upon Us – The Clemson Spring Game Hype Video For This Saturday HOW WE DOIN!

Folks, I know what you’re thinking. What an asshole. Seriously, what kind of loser writes a headline like that? The Masters are on. It’s the first week of baseball. The NBA and NHL Playoffs kick off next week. The NFL Draft where half the stupid NFL will stupidly pass on the Michael Jordan of Football my large adult son Deshaun Watson is two weeks away. Who cares about a spring college football?

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P.S.   I know what you’re asking yourself right now and the answer is six. This took six takes.

P.P.S.   I could stand to lose five to fifty pounds but hey couldn’t we all.

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