The Diamondbacks Really KKKnocked This Tweet Outta The Park

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Tough break for the social media intern who was one billion percent fired into the sun for this. I mean, hey, it’s probably for the best. I’d venture a guess that this wasn’t an intentional promotion of the klan by means of a baseball twitter account. But if your job is to post crowd pictures on a social media account in 2017 and you miss something like this, then maybe you’re not cut out for the job. But hey, good luck!

Thankfully, NOBODY cares about the Arizona Diamondbacks. You want to talk about irrelevant sports franchises? Good lord. The Diamondbacks make the Carolina Hurricanes feel like the Boston Celtics. Half the league does spring training in Arizona and if you asked a casual baseball fan to name every team I could print this blog out, eat it, and poop it back out by the time he got around the naming the DBacks. Those stupid grey uniforms and that goddamn teal border. Puke. And who the hell names their team after a goddamn snake? You’re sooner to see me rooting for the Richmond Spiders and buying a pet tarantula than you are to see me name my team after a snake. I don’t care if that’s the only animal you have out there in the godforsaken desert. Call yourself the Arizona Retirement Homes or the Arizona Crystal Meths. I mean seriously… the diamondbacks? This isn’t House Slytherin guys. It’s Major League Baseball. Two teams named themselves after the same exact article of clothing, AND spelled it wrong, and those are still less stupid of a name than yours. And no I’m definitely not still bitter about Luis fucking Gonzalez and Curt Schilling and that ’01 Diamondbacks team ending the Yankees dynasty. It’s definitely not that at all. I just… hate… um… I… I hate teams that promote white supremacy like this. Huh… maybe having Curt Schilling all those years is starting to make a little more sense.



When you post a bad tweet by accident and just want to hide away from the world and not talk to anyone for a little bit


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