HELLO! Why Did Nobody Tell Me Kid Rock’s 8th Annual Chillin’ The Most Cruise Started Yesterday?

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I… I… I thought we had a good thing going here people. I thought we had kind of come to an understanding. I give you the Action. I give you NBA Roundups. I give you viral stories with the rantings and ravings of large adult child who spends all day on the internet. Maybe I make you laugh. Maybe I make you think. Maybe you read me just to hate yourself a little less knowing someone out there has accomplished less with their life.

All I ask… all I ask in return is a little heads up.

I can’t keep up with everything here people. There’s a lot on my plate. The NBA playoffs are right around the corner. Baseball just got started. The Masters tee off tomorrow. There’s a new Louis special that’s been out for 24 hours that I haven’t even begun to think about when I’m going to watch yet. I’m back-logged with bloggable stories. THERE’S A KENDALL JENNER PEPSI COMMERCIAL THAT I HAVE TO STAY MAD ABOUT. I’ve got a lot on my plate over here.

I mean, would it have killed any of you to slide in my DMs with a reminder. I’ve been waiting on Kid Rock’s 8th Annual Chillin’ The Most Cruise since the day I stepped off the ship of Kid Rock’s 7th Annual Chillin’ The Most Cruise. And now because none of my readers who I thought were my internet friends were good enough internet friends to remind me to get tickets, I have to wait until Kid Rock’s 9th Annual Chillin’ The Most Cruise.

Gee, thanks a lot guys. Some internet friends you are.

P.S.   Rock on brother



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