Ham’s Hoops Roundup April 5th – Lance A Make Her Dance

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Scores and ATS Results

Brooklyn 141 – Philadelphia 118   (Brooklyn -1)

Orlando 102 – Cleveland 122   (Cleveland -9.5)

Toronto 90 – Indiana 108   (Indiana -3)

Charlotte 111 – Washington 118   (Washington -4)

Chicago 91 – New York 100   (New York +3.5)

Milwaukee 79 – Oklahoma City 110   (Oklahoma City -5)

Denver 134 – New Orleans 131   (Denver +1.5)

Memphis 89 – San Antonio 95 (OT)   (Memphis +9)

Portland 87 – Utah 106   (Utah -6.5)

Dallas 87 – Sacramento 98   (Sacramento -2.5)

Minnesota 107 – Golden State 121   (Minnesota +14.5)


PACERS LANCE BACK. Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes or the Undertaker from his casket, Lance is back and he’s here to score some baskets.

Did Lance just make the Pacers a contender? Should the rest of the East be scared? I don’t know. But also yes. 100% yes.

And while 12 points and 3 assists won’t usually land you a “Have A Night” award, you know what will? Laying it up on a breakaway with three seconds left and causing a skirmish on the court. Only Lance baby. Lance A Make Her Dance.

Have A Night John Wall

Really nice comeback and a much needed win for the Wiz last night, who jump back into a tie with Toronto for 3rd. With Cleveland and Boston still battling it out for first, there’s no telling what the more beneficial seed would be for Washington. But then again it really might not matter. They’ll have to play both to move forward regardless.

On nights where Washington is really clicking, they can beat anyone. And while we’ll get into this a lot more next week in previewing the playoffs, I’d consider Washington as good a dark horse title bet as anyone. They can beat Boston in a series. And yes, they can beat Cleveland in a series if just a few things broke in their favor.

Have A Night Russell Westbrook

Look, I want to make fun of Russ for very clearly chasing the triple doubles right now. I mean, he is. There’s no question about it. The scoring comes easy because… well because ten points is nothing for Russ. The rebounds come easy because Adams and Kanter and Gibson are clearing out to give him the rebound every time. Those are a given. So now you see him forcing passes and trying to create looks that aren’t there and giving up his own shot. It’s almost like Rondo when he was going for the assist title a few years ago.

I want to make fun of that.

But the thing is… it’s kind of the best thing for the team. I know they’ve lost four of their last seven games, but doesn’t it feel like they’re starting to play some of their best basketball. I mean three of those four losses were to Golden State, @ Houston, and to San Antonio. I don’t know, it just feels like the rest of this Thunder team is starting to really pick it up at just the right time. I mean they ran Milwaukee off the floor last night – in a game that Milwaukee absolutely needed, no less. And while two pretty fucking big pieces in Durant and Ibaka are gone, the Thunder did seem to flip a switch at the start of the playoffs last year.

I’m not saying they can beat Houston in the first round, much less make a run to the Conference Finals. But I sure as shit don’t want to play out-for-blood Russ and the playoff Thunder in a few weeks.

Around The Association

Less surprising: The Knicks winning a game they shouldn’t have any intention of winning, or the Bulls blowing a game they absolutely needed to an awful team.

TRAVEL cc: @NBAOfficiating

(this was really dope)

Spurs. Pop. Late Game Inbounds play.

*italian chef kisses fingers*

freakin beautiful bro

Still love you Kawhi

Cleveland’s big three finally seemed to get in rhythm last night… just in time for what I’d call a pretty big game in Boston tonight. Triple double for Bron. 28-11 from Love. 24-9 from Kyrie. And maybe just as importantly – 19 points and five threes from JR Smith.

Tonight’s game looms large for Cleveland. Win this and all the pressure from the last few weeks will seem to melt away. All the blogs, all the take shows, all the talking heads. They’ll all have to shut up for at least the next couple of weeks. Prove you can still take care of your most dangerous opponent, and you buy yourself a little freedom from the press.

Lose this game? Lose this game and the league will be thrown into a panic. Is Cleveland even the favorite in the East? Can Cleveland even get by Toronto or Washington? CAN THEY FIX THIS IN TIME?

I think they’ll be fine. I think they’ll win this game comfortably enough to quell the noise for a little bit. And I genuinely would not be shocked to see them win this game, then decide to rest Lebron over their last four games knowing they can give up home court and still go into Boston and win.

But god damn it’ll be fun if they lose this one. 8:00 ESPN. Let’s go.

Schedule for Wednesday, April 5th

Miami – Charlotte   (-2)     7:00

Toronto – Detroit   (-1)     7:30

Cleveland – Boston   (-3.5)     8:00   ESPN

Denver – Houston   (-9)     8:00

Oklahoma City – Memphis   (-1.5)     8:00

LA Lakers – San Antonio   (-10)     8:30

Golden State – Phoenix   (+7.5)     10:00

Dallas – LA Clippers   (-12)     10:30   ESPN

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