Patrick Ewing Finally Gets A Head Coaching Job… And It’s At Georgetown

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Hey! At least that’s one former team of Patrick Ewing’s that’s willing to show more than a modicum of respect to one of it’s most famous players!

Look, I don’t know if Patrick Ewing will be a great coach. But with the amount of turnover the Knicks have undergone at the head coaching position, the fact that he hasn’t even been offered an interview with the team he carried for a decade and a half is fucking preposterous. It’s more of the same pathetic, petty bullshit we’ve seen since James Dolan took over nearly twenty years ago. And it’s more of the same bullshit we’re likely to see moving forward.

But enough about the Knicks… good for Patrick Ewing.

Again, I don’t know if he’ll be a great coach. I don’t know if he can recruit. I don’t know if he can gameplan. I don’t know if he can lead a team.

But I’d be damned if I said he wasn’t prepared. Fifteen years… FIFTEEN YEARS Ewing has spent as an assistant. We talk all the time about longtime assistants deserving an opportunity to run their own team. Well what about longtime assistants who also happen to be one of the greatest players to ever play the game? Think about how crazy this is. In what other world does an all time great have to wait FIFTEEN years to get an opportunity. Only the Knicks would allow that to happen. God I hate this franchise so much.

I’m rooting for Ewing. Every Knicks fan is rooting for Ewing. Shit… every basketball fan is rooting for Ewing. How could you not. The man has “paid his dues” in every sense of the word, and now gets a chance to bring his alma mater back to prominence. That’s awesome. Go Hoyas. And, as always, fuck you James Dolan.

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