New Game Of Thrones Promo! NEW GAME OF THRONES PROMO!

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We’re so pathetic with all this Game of Thrones stuff man. I mean look, I’m fine with it. I’m as pathetic as anyone. I just hope we’re all aware of how pathetic we are.

I was DYING to press play on this… and we basically just watched nothing.

This is nothing. There’s nothing happening in this promo. Oh Jon, Dany, and Cersei are walking towards their thrones? Set to a not bad song that sounds like it should be in a Peaky Blinders episode? And nobody says anything? Okay. What am I supposed to get from that?

But at the same time this is EVERYTHING. What Throne is Dany sitting on? Why did Cersei breathe like that? Why is Jon so sad? WHY ARE THEY IN THE WHITEWALKER’S EYE? AND WHY THE HELL DO WE HAVE TO WAIT ANOTHER THREE AND A HALF MONTHS TO GET THESES ANSWERS?

God damn we’re so pathetic.

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