Ham’s Hoops Roundup March 30th – Malcolm In Milwaukee In The Middle Of The Playoff Picture. Folks,,

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Scores and ATS Results

Atlanta 99 – Philadelphia 92   (Atlanta -2)

Oklahoma City 114 – Orlando 109 (OT)   (Oklahoma City -5.5)

Charlotte 110 – Toronto 106   (Charlotte +5)

Miami 105 – New York 88   (Miami -2)

Milwaukee 103 – Boston 100   (Milwaukee +7)

Indiana 97 – Memphis 110   (Memphis -4)

Dallas 118 – New Orleans 121   (Dallas +6)

Golden State 110 – San Antonio 98   (Golden State +4.5)

Utah 112 – Sacramento 82   (Utah -8)

Washington 124 – LA Clippers 133   (LA Clippers -6)

Have A Night Malcolm Brogdon & Milwaukee

I’m not right on many predictions. So the predictions I make, you’re gonna hear about it when I hit em.

And boy oh boy did I hit it with Malcolm Brogdon. It was honestly such an easy prediction that I don’t feel like rubbing it in. Like come on. Who didn’t see this guy becoming a viable NBA starter and role player. You knew he’d go too late in the draft. You knew he’d come in and contribute as a defender and three point shooter right away. You know he’s make minimal mistakes. It was just so easy.

And while we’re here… I’ve been telling you about these Bucks, man. The top four teams in the East do NOT want to play this team. I wouldn’t even put it past Boston to have blown that game to ensure Milwaukee stays up in the 5th and 6th see range. I’m really only half joking about that. Because now they’re Washington or Toronto’s problem. Tied for 5th with Atlanta and very likely to win out that battle. And Toronto-Milwaukee would be one HELL of a first round series.

Have A Night Russell Westbrook

Oh Russy. Russy, Russy, Russy, Russy.

I don’t know. I don’t know what to even do about the MVP at this point. I’m pretty firmly in the Kawhi camp. And I’ve leaned Harden over Russ all year. But I can’t overlook things like a FIFTY SEVEN POINT TRIPLE DOUBLE. I don’t know man. I don’t want a non-Russ MVP endorsement to man it seem like I’m not here for everything he’s done this year. Because god damn has this been fun. I just… Kawhi is so great… and the Rockets are so… and… I don’t know I don’t know…

Have A Night Chris Paul and John Wall

One hell of a Point Guard battle in LA last night. And one of those “No, no, no, no, no. Not yet young fella” performances from Paul. John Wall’s had a hell of a year. No denying that. Right there at 5 or 6 in the MVP discussion. No question. But Chris Paul will be damned if he’s giving up the Point God title any time soon.

Have A Night Boogie and AD

It’s been a disaster in New Orleans. So much so that they actually have a somewhat decent chance at keeping their top three protected pick. They won’t. But it shows you how bad this whole situation has been.

I don’t know if New Orleans will decide to ride it out with both Davis and Cousins. It’s such a unique advantage to have two guys capable of 30 and 15 a night, but when they’re the only two guys you’ve got, what’s even your ceiling. Sure the spacing would improve over the offseason with a little time together. But are you really trying to wait and see.

Lot of big pieces could be moving this offseason. I’m talking real, league-shifting pieces. Paul George already has a foot out the door. It just came out today that Jimmy Butler is already gone. Blake is likely to opt out. And that’s before we even get to Boogie. Gonna be an interesting June and July FOLKS.

Around The Association

RIP in Peace to the Knicks Super Team. October 2016 – March 2017

The James Dolan Era? I would call it a aroaring success

Kristaps has a night and the Knicks keep tanking? Ohhhhhh what a niiiiiight

You do this to yourself JaVale

when you try to buy her a drink and she looks you up and down

Dwight went for 22 and 20 to keep the Hawks from sliding down to sixth place just yet. I mean it’s going to happen. Just not today.

And look, any time I can post Marquese Chriss getting embarassed… well then I”m going to post Marquese Chriss getting embarassed

Schedule for Thursday, March 30th

Brooklyn – Detroit   (-6)     7:30

Cleveland – Chicago   (+5.5)     8:00   TNT

LA Lakers – Minnesota   (-10.5)     8:00

LA Clippers – Phoenix   (__)     10:00

Houston – Portland   (+1)     10:30   TNT

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