Guy Who Carved The Ronaldo Sculpture Comes Out With An All Time Excuse: “Even Jesus Did Not Please Everyone”

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The Telegraph  —  The artist who created a bronze bust depicting Cristiano Ronaldo has defended his work after the the piece became an internet sensation for all the wrong reasons.

Despite international ridicule the man responsible for the artwork was nonplussed by online criticism.

Even Jesus did not please everyone. This is a matter of taste, it’s not as simple as it seems,” said Santos in an interview with Portuguese website Globo Sports.

This is true. Jesus did, in fact, not please everyone. The people who crucified him can, in fact, attest to that. A lot of people were not please by Jesus. I’d in fact go as far as to say that the average woman of the night pleased more people than Jesus in the time of Jesus. Thanks folks tip your waiters.

But my man… even Jesus Christ himself thinks this sculpture looks like a Lego head held to the fire. Tiny, goofy face. Large, distorted skull. Look, I’m all for the slandering of Cristiano Ronaldo and his wildly overrated looks. take away the abs and he’s a soft 6. But even a professed Ronaldo hater like myself can’t deny that this statue is patently awful.

But hey, I’m here for this excuse. Disappoint your parents? Even Jesus did not please everyone. Screw up a work assignment? Even Jesus did not please everyone. Underperform in bed? Even Jesus did not please everyone. Oh I’m not religious? I can’t use that excuse? Well actually I stopped going to church because I was no longer please with it. See, even Jesus did not please everyone.

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