Forget The Short Shorts Craze In Basketball. We Need To Bring These Back.

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I miss the old NBA.

I hate this new era of basketball. Pick and roll and floor spacing and good shooting and ball movement and fast breaks and transition threes and complex defensive rotations and players giving a shit on both ends. AAU culture. AAU culture and John Wall being raised without a father. It’s ruined the game. Players wearing crazy fashion and exercising their influence on the league that they’ve made so much money for. Resting two games a year and preventing injuries and doing what they need to win a title. The new NBA just isn’t what it was. This isn’t the basketball I grew up loving. I actually like hockey more. The Bird and Magic Allen Iverson, Antonio Walker era. That was when basketball was basketball.

You know what I really miss from that era? I miss the long shorts. I miss the joints that go down to the socks. Players nowadays with their pants saggin down their butts. Disgraceful. I miss the shorts that you tied around your waste and covered up your entire knee down to the mid shin. And that could even cover your shoes if you squatted over a little. These guys like Lonzo Ball coming in with shorts halfway up his thighs? What the hell is that. No respect for the game and what it used to be. I miss the pairs you could literally bring up and wrap over your head. The pairs that if you pulled up to your nipples still went down to your knees. The ones that would get in the way when you tried to go between the legs, and that you could wrap over your legs between games to keep warm at the park. I miss watching A.I. cross dudes over and knowing that I looked exactly like him in my Reebok size XXXL’s. Kids these days just don’t get it.

That was when basketball was basketball.

I miss the old NBA.


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