This Year’s World Series Is Really Weighing On ARod

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How in the world will I pay the mortgage?

Can I send my children to college?

What is the purpose of life anyway?

Who will win the World Series?


Our boy ARod out here just AGONIZING over the 2017 MLB season. How exactly did a weird sociopathic misfit like Alex Emmanuel Rodriguez become the best analyst in the business? It’s a question I often agonize over, much like this photo. I mean seriously… how did this happen? Who in a billion years would have guessed the man with the centaur painting and the legendary lack of self awareness would step into the studio as the most polished, thoughtful analyst in baseball and arguably on sports TV in general. I mean he’s amazing. Everyone from disgusted Yankee fans to angry baseball purists the outright ARod haters agree that he’s great on TV. And yet nobody can really figure out why.

Well folks, I think we have our answer.

Harold Reynolds isn’t agonizing over who will win the World Series like this. Pete Rose ain’t weighing his MVP pick with this type of gravity. John Smoltz isn’t living and dying with his Cy Young contenders the way ARod is.

THE MAN JUST CARES. There are no toss away answers from Alex. He is measured and precise and always well prepared. That’s why he’s the best in the biz.

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