Ham’s Hoops Roundup March 29th – A Bosnian Revenge Tale

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Scores and ATS Results

Minnesota 115 – Indiana 114   (Minnesota +4) 

Milwaukee 118 – Charlotte 108   (Milwaukee +4.5) 

Miami 97 – Detroit 96   (Detroit +3) 

Phoenix 91 – Atlanta 95   (Phoenix +10) 

Philadelphia 106 – Brooklyn 101   (Philadelphia +4.5)

Golden State 113 – Houston 106   (Golden State +1)

Denver 113 – Portland 122   (Portland Pick)

Washington 119 – LA Lakers 108   (Washington -9) 

Tag Team Of The Night – Jusuf Nurkic and CJ McCollum

Folks that is how you take revenge. God DAMN what a job Jusuf Nurkic did on his former team last night. That was some cold blooded Bosnian hit man hitman shit. 33 and 16. 3 blocks. And one ice cold goodbye to his former team that he’s just moved a game out of playoff contention.

Not the world thing in the world to have some help in the form of 39 points from CJ McCollum – who continued to show that he could and should be running his own team.

Have A Night Draymond Green

Monster night from Dray after going down with what looked like a sprained ankle in the game. Couple of big time buckets late that all but put the game away for Golden State. 19-9-4 with 3 steals. 9/15 shooting. And all the defense you’d expect from Draymond.

Have A Night Karl-Anthony Towns

Another night, another 37 and 12 from Towns. It’s been an overall disappointment of a year. But games like last night are what have to give them a ton of hope going into next year. Towns was the best player on the court. Wiggins held his own in key defensive possessions against Paul George. And they were able to squeeze out a game late thanks to some timely team defense.

Meanwhile… I think the Summer Of George might be even more explosive than we already believed.

Have A Night Goran Dragic

28-4-4 on 9/16 shooting from Dragic in a much needed win for a Miami team that had lost three of it’s last four. Dragic won’t sniff the All NBA team in such a guard heavy league. But dude deserves from recognition for his role in Miami’s two month run into the playoffs.


Oh and Hassan Whiteside hit the game winner. Whatever.

I feel like we’ve seen more big man game winning tap ins then ever this season. The easy explanation being that in game ending situations there are rarely more than two big men on the floor.

Around The Association

Absolute stinker from Harden. I mean he still had a triple double, sure. But I wanted so much more out of that game from him and the Rockets. No Durant, in Houston, could make a real statement with just two weeks until the playoffs… and they go out and miss 26 of 31 threes and blow a perfect opportunity to carry some momentum into a potential Finals matchup.



Schedule for Wednesday, March 29th

Atlanta – Philadelphia   (-2)     7:00

Oklahoma City – Orlando   (-5.5)     7:00

Charlotte – Toronto   (-6)     7:30

Miami – New York   (+3.5)     7:30

Milwaukee – Boston   (-8)     7:30

Indiana – Memphis   (-5)     8:00

Dallas – New Orleans   (-5)     8:00

Golden State – San Antonio   (-4)     9:30   ESPN

Utah – Sacramento   (-7.5)     10:30

Washington – LA Clippers   (-6)     10:30

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