This Incredibly Clean Footage Of a 1939 NFL Game Is Wild Stuff

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How cool is this, huh? I’m fascinated by stuff like this. Any time you can show me a clear, living-color look back into history, I’m in. I want to see what it was like. I want to get a true feel for that era. I just think it’s really cool any time you can get a clear picture of how much these dudes STUNK.

I mean god damn. Look at this. I could ride the subway up to Woodlawn this Saturday and see more athleticism in a pickup rugby match. I mean lord knows these guys in the 30’s weren’t treating their body any different. Kegger and a pack of Marlb Reds after the game would be commonplace.

Look, I get that this was the cream of the crop back then. I understand that when you talk about players in competing eras, you have to talk about that player relative to his competition. I’m as big a proponent of that as anyone. Nobody in their right mind thinks Jerry West would walk on the court and dust Kobe Bryant. But relative to his era and competition, he was as good if not better than Kobe was to his. I totally understand that. It’s why nobody will ever pass Jordan. Relative to the specific era, I just can’t see anyone being as dominant as Jordan. Same with Gretzky. It’s just impossible now. There’s too much talent.

The thing is, you can understand that while still laughing at how bad the sport was back in the day. Like this video. I’m going to laugh at it. Over and over.

Look at the lack of speed, the lack of size, the lack of agility. It’s incredible. These boys might’ve been the cream of the crop but that crop ain’t all all that impressive when it’s white as cream. The irony shouldn’t be lost on anyone that the refs look like they dropped off a gallon of 2% and a carton of eggs at your grandparents house before the game. I guess the thought never occurred to anyone that the game should look a little less like a klan rally until the league was segregated, huh? What a wild image that is folks.

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