Ham’s Hoops Roundup March 28th – The Spurs Wash The Cavs, And It’s Dire Straits In Cleveland

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Scores and ATS Results

Orlando 112 – Toronto 131   (Toronto -7.5)

Detroit 95 – New York 109   (New York +1)

Cleveland 74 – San Antonio 103   (San Antonio -5)

Oklahoma City 92 – Dallas 91   (Oklahoma City Pick)

New Orleans 100 – Utah 108   (Utah -6.5)

Memphis 90 – Sacramento 91   (Sacramento +6)

Have A Night Kawhi Leonard

The Spurs MURDERED the Cavs last night. To the point that Manu was finishing alley oops in transition. Albeit in a uniquely Manu fashion. But still… MANU WAS FINISHING LOBS IN TRANSITION.

The Cavs continue to freefall their way out of not only first place in the East, but of serious contention. I mean yes, of course Lebron still has to be considered a serious contender no matter what. But right now, with the way the rest of this Cavs team is playing, would you be that confident taking them in a series against Boston or Washington. Washington absolutely waxed them on Saturday. And it’s to the point now that I don’t know if the Cavs are remotely ready to win a playoff series right now. Their defense is atrocious. Their offense is disjointed. And outside of Lebron the entire group just seems wholly uninterested in playing together. Shit, if they end up with Milwaukee in round one I wouldn’t be shocked to see that go 6 or 7.

Meanwhile, Kawhi just made another definitive MVP statement that will go largely ignored by the general public. Dude is 12-2 against the Warriors, Cavs, Rockets, Celtics, Wizards, and Thunder. And one of those losses came after he was knocked out against OKC early in the 3rd. He’s the best defender in the league. One of the four or five best offensive players, and is leading a team with no other All Stars to the second best record in the league and likely at least 64 wins.

I get the case for Harden. And I’m fine with him winning it, even if I disagree. But there’s no possible universe where you can tell me Kawhi isn’t in the top two. The Thunder barely snuck by the Mavs last night. The Spurs beat the Defending Champs by 30. And if you can tell me what’s so drastically different between the rosters around Kawhi and Russ I’d love to hear it.

Have A Night Kristaps Porzingis

Quite a night from our large adult son, huh? 28-8-3 for the night. 10/16 from the floor. 2 steals, 3 blocks. A beautiful, dominant all around game. And one of the first times since… shit, since December I’d guess… that we’ve seen KP look both equal parts comfortable and dominant. He was the best player on the floor and he knew it. And while the smart thing for this franchise is to lose games and drive that #Knickstank bandwagon over the finish line, I’m okay with a win here or there so long as it comes in the form of a Kristaps beauty like that.

You know what also makes those losses easier? Watching what the Kentucky guards did this weekend. Fox is a fucking gamer man. He’s John Wall 2.0. Maybe he’s not quite the passer Wall is, but he can be a better defender. He gives a shit and raises his game when it matters and could absolutely lead a top flight offense if you surround him with shooters. And Monk? Dude has all the tools to be an elite off-ball scorer already. And I genuinely think that if you hand him the keys to the offense he can develop into an elite lead guard. He can score from anywhere, get to the paint at will, and knows how to set guys up. Pair him with a versatile big man like KP and that’s a lethal pick and pop combo.

Either one of those guys would be an awesome fit next to KP. And even if the Knicks end up at 6 or 7, I think one or both will still be available. Fultz, Ball, and Jackson will go 1, 2, 3 in some order. Isaac will be a top five pick. And Tatum and Markannen could go ahead of Fox and Monk depending on the needs of teams ahead of us. And who knows, maybe the karma of not trying to lose out will work for the Knicks like it did back in the Porzingis draft and we end up in the top three? Maybe… I don’t know I’m just trying to talk myself into it guys.

Have A Night Rudy Gobert and Anthony Davis

Probably the duel of the night last night between Gobert and Davis last night. Really fun back and forth between two of the longest, most athletic big men in the league.

Around The Association

Did Russ do it again or did Russ do it again? (Russ did it again)

Trillie Cauley-Stein and the young Kings had a nice little win against Memphis and continue to look like a decent core unit. So long as they’re able to keep their potential two top ten picks, they could end up with a really, really nice core of… say… Draft Pick X, Draft Pick Y, Buddy, Skal, Willie.

Josh Jackson and Nkilitina? Jayson Tatum and Fox? Things fall right and this could be a hell of a turn for Sacramento.

Schedule for Tuesday, March 28th

Minnesota – Indiana   (-4.5)     7:00

Milwaukee – Charlotte   (-4)     7:00

Miami – Detroit   (+2.5)     7:30

Phoenix – Atlanta   (-8)     7:30

Philadelphia – Brooklyn   (-3)     7:30

Golden State – Houston   (-1.5)     8:00   NBATV

Denver – Portland   (-1.5)     10:00

Washington – LA Lakers   (+9.5)     10:30   NBATV

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