Watch Fake Bernie Sanders Outshine This CrossFit Try Hard In Own Goddamn Video

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What perfect dichotemy here. The boy doing entirely too much vs. the man who has it all figured out. The two diametrically opposed points on the spectrum. CrossFit hardo ready to show off his brand new trick for everyone. Fake Bernie has no clue he’s on camera. CrossFit hardo going through all the effort of building a contraption. Fake Bernie shooting free throws in a dress shirt. CrossFit hardo dying for your attention. Fake Bernie off in his own world. And who do we all care about? Exactly. Somewhere in this life lesson there’s a viral video.

P.S.   Are CrossFit/fitness people even remotely impressed by this video. Like is this being shared on fitness message boards like “Check out my man’s core strength!” I can’t imagine there’s a single person who cares about this. But then again I can’t imagine caring that much about fitness in the first place that you’d be watching videos like this. So who knows?

P.P.S.   God bless Bernie man.

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