Ham’s Hoops Roundup 2/23 – Triple Double Perfection

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Scores and ATS Results

Charlotte 109 – Orlando 102   (Charlotte -4.5)

Indiana 100 – Boston 109   (Boston -6.5)

Detroit 95 – Chicago 117   (Chicago +2)

Atlanta 100 – Washington 104   (Atlanta +7.5)

Philadelphia 97 – Oklahoma City 122   (Oklahoma City -11.5)

Cleveland 113 – Denver 126   (Denver +2.5)

Milwaukee 116 – Sacramento 96   (Milwaukee -5.5)

New York 101 – Utah 108   (New York +12)

Have A Night Giannis Antetokounmpo

Right now it looks like the Hawks, Bucks, Pacers, and Heat will, in some order, fill out the five through eight spots in the East. Just two games separate the Hawks at five from the Heat at eight, with Indy and Milwaukee tied up right in the middle.

At the top you have Cleveland, Boston, Washington, and Toronto – likely in that order.

Folks I’ll tell you this and I’ll tell you this now – none of those teams want to play Milwaukee. Yes, George and Turner is a brutal compbo to play in the playoffs. Yes Miami has been on fire. Yes, Atlanta is… well actually Atlanta is Atlanta, they’ll lose whatever series they’re in 4-1 with every game on NBATV. But nobody – not even Lebron – would be comfortable seeing Giannis in a series.

Have A Night Russell Westbrook

Russy recorded the first ever triple double without missing a field goal or free throw attempt.

Pretty impressive until you remember it was against the Sixers and Jahlil “No Days On” Okafor. Folks you think Jah’s defense is bad now? Wait five minutes

(this is a day late but I can’t stop laughing)

Have A NightRudy Gobert

I hate Rudy Gobert. HATE him. His Frenchness. The name Rudy. His stupid length. The fact that he’s even in the conversation for DPOY with Draymond and Kawhi. Hate hate hate hate hate. But 35-13-4 is 35-13-4. Can’t not give a guy a Have A Night award with those numbers, even if they were against the stupid Knicks. A perimeter guy? I’m not going to reward a perimeter guy for doing anything other than dropping 50 on the Knicks. But when you take it to the only two players I care for — my two large adult sons Kristaps and Willy — then you get the acknowledgement.

Schedule for Thursday, March 23rd

Sweet Sixteen

Michigan – Oregon   (+1.5)     7:00   CBS

West Virginia – Gonzaga   (-3)     7:35   TBS

Purdue – Kansas   (-5.5)     9:35   CBS

Xavier – Arizona   (-7.5)     10:05   TBS


Toronto – Miami   (-4.5)     7:30

Phoenix – Brooklyn   (-4.5)     7:30

LA Clippers – Dallas   (+5.5)     8:30

Memphis – San Antonio   (-8.5)     8:30

New York – Portland   (-12)     10:00

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