Ham’s Hoops Roundup March 15th – #StayWa7m #StayMe7o

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Scores and ATS Results

Detroit 96 – Cleveland 128   (Cleveland -7.5)

Indiana 81 – New York 87   (New York +3)

Oklahoma City 122 – Brooklyn 104   (Oklahoma City -6)

Portland 77 – New Orleans 100   (New Orleans -4)

Philadelphia 104 – Golden State 106   (Philadelphia -17)

Have A Night Draymond Green

Dray Dray coming up a Steal short of the Five By Five game last night. 20-8-8, 6 steals, 4 assists. Best player on the court. Somehow ubiquitous at all times.

Remember Draymond Game 7 in the finals last year? Steph and Klay just couldn’t get it going. Iggy was basically useless offensively after four straight weeks of guarding Durant and Lebron. Bogut was out. Barnes was a shell of himself. And Dray just put the team on his back. 31-15-9. Six of eight from behind the arc. He was the only reason they were in that game.

The Warriors are still the Warriors. And they won’t face a team with the defensive prowess of locked-in Cleveland until the Conference Finals. But until Durant is back and healthy, don’t be surprised to see Draymond;s nightly numbers jump from 10-8-7 up to 18-10-10 a night. Dray is as capable of anyone in this league of posting a triple double every night. And now without Durant and without the firepower they’ve come to expect off the bench, Dray’s going to have to carry a lot more of the offensive load over this next month and a half.

Have A Night ___

Couple of solid MVP statements from Bron and Russ before we all take a break from the NBA this weekend. And both pretty indicative of their seasons as a whole. Lebron was the best player on the court. Controlled the flow of the game from the tip and absolutely buried Detroit before the third quarter even end. On the flip side, it took everything Russ had just to beat the goddamn Nets. He did. And they finally pulled away in the last few minutes. But Russ had to do everything.

So… what do you weigh more? Do you give it to the guy who easily controls the flow of the game and dominates from start to finish? Or do you give it to the guy who literally had to do everything it takes for his team to compete? Do you give it to the unguardable savant in Houston who is single-handedly quarterbacking an offensive juggernaut? Or do you give it to the defensive wizard who has best record and who is every bit as good and more efficient offensively than any of these guys and who all of these guys are terrified to play against and who has a 11-2 record (10-1 when healthy) against Golden State, Cleveland, Houston, OKC, Washington, and Boston.

But hey, what a race.

Have A Night Boogie and AD

One of the first mutually complete games from Boogie and AD last night. 22-9-3-3-2 from Boogie. 15-15-2-2-3 from AD. And, finally, a feeling like these two could really work long term.

I really hope New Orleans sticks with it and decides to surround these guys with some shooting. It’s so hard to judge both now within the context of these two months with this specific, horrible roster. They’re going to lose more than they win and likely miss the payoffs. But if they can come out of this offseason with at least a few competent wings, I really think it could work.


Around The Association

The Knicks won. I don’t know why they do this. But they did. Their wavering competence seems to come and go at the worst possible times. And if they win their way out of a top five pick I’ll lose my goddamn mind.

That would be the biggest story of the night if… well, you know what Melo wore…



Like I mentioned earlier, March Madness — sorry, The Turner Mint — is taking over the Ham’s Hoops Roundup over the next five days. I’ll have a Afternoon Games Roundup and Night Games Roundup on Thursday and Friday, plus a full day Roundup Saturday and Sunday. LOOOOT of basketball ahead of us folks. Follow along on the blog and read some fire bad tweets at on Twitter @yourboyham11


Schedule for Wednesday, March 15th

Charlotte – Indiana   (-2.5)     7:00

Dallas – Washington   (-7)     7:00

Minnesota – Boston   (-6)     7:30

New Orleans – Miami   (-6.5)     7:30

Utah – Detroit   (+2.5)     7:30

Memphis – Chicago   (+2)     8:00

Portland – San Antonio   (-11)     8:00   ESPN

LA Lakers – Houston   (-17.5)     8:00

Sacramento – Phoenix   (-5.5)     10:00

Milwaukee – LA Clippers   (-7.5)     10:30   ESPN


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