Mike Francesa Says “Turner Mint” Ten Times In 33 Seconds. (Tournament… He’s Trying To Say Tournament, Folks)

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“If you go into your Conference Turner Mint, and you don’t lose, you’re in the NCAA Turner Mint.”

Is this the blog-worthy video of all time? Not exactly. In fact on a scale of 1-10 for Francesa videos this maybe is a soft 6. Funny, yes. I still laughed out loud. But as a video itself, nothing too spectacular. The threshhold for a blogable Francesa video at this point is like an 8.5. There have just been so many over these last few years that I need something along the lines of a full blown meltdown or a laugh out loud anecdote to get my blood flowing.

But Turner Mint Mike? Turner Mint Mike is arguably my favorite Mike.

The NCAA Tournament means a lot of things to a lot of people. It means filling out a million brackets so that you always have a chance to say you called it. It means scheduling a vasectomy on Wednesday so you can ice your set on the couch all weekend. It means saving vacation days only to have your boss tell you that nobody is allowed to take those days off. It means taking your $20 bracket more seriously than the hundreds of dollars you lose on every individual game.

What does March Madness mean to me? It means listening to Mike & Dog live call the end of every game the first two days.

I’m not joking here. I’m not playing this up for the blog or anything. The two things I think of the most when I think of March Madness in my younger years was 1) taking the brackets entirely too seriously and filling out a bazillion drafts before settling on two. And 2) Listening to Mike & Dog ignore everything about the rules of broadcasting rights to basically live broadcast their own call of the Madness. For five and a half hours every Thursday and Friday or the tournament, Mike and Dog would intersperse their play-by-play of the end of every nail-biter in between giving you the sports talk any way that they can. IT’S MIKE AND THE MAD DOG, ON THE FAAAAAAAN. SPORTS RADIO SIXTY SIX, W-F-A-NNNNNNNN 


That’s what the Turner Mint means to me. That. Is. March.

Lots of Turner Mint coverage coming Thursday and Friday. I’ll be shifting the Ham’s Hoops Roundup focus from the NBA to the Turner Mint and recapping the biggest highlights, upsets, crowd shots, etc. I’ll have an afternoon roundup at 6pm for everyone at work doing real jobs and an 11pm roundup to recap the night session on both days.

Follow along on Twitter @yourboyham11 and of course right here on the blog. See you Thursday.

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