Ham’s Hoops Roundup March 14th – KAT In The Hat

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Scores and ATS Results

Charlotte 109 – Chicago 115   (Charlotte +7.5)

Dallas 78 – Toronto 100   (Toronto -5)

Atlanta 99  – San Antonio 107   (San Antonio -7)

Milwaukee 93 – Memphis 113   (Memphis -4)

Washington 104 – Minnesota 119   (Minnesota -2.5)

LA Clippers 108 – Utah 114   (Utah -2)

LA Lakers 101 – Denver 129   (Denver -13)

Orlando 115 – Sacramento 120   (Sacramento +2)

Have A Night Karl-Anthony Towns and Ricky Rubio

You know what’s funny? Karl-Anthony Towns not being an All Star when there’s a very real chance that he’s the First Team All-NBA Center. Gasol, Jokic, Jordan, Gobert, Boogie. All of those guys have a good claim to it. But no center has been more dominant over the last three or so months than Towns. In his last ten games he’s AVERAGING 29 and 16 on 61% shooting and 47% from three. He’s averaging that.

And while it’s tough to imagine Minnesota jumping both Denver and Portland for the eighth seed, the fact that they’re even in the running after the bumbling start of this team is an accomplishment in itself. And no, I would not want to play a Baby Wolves team with nothing to lose if I’m the Kevin Durant-less Golden State Warriors next month. These Wolves can be giant killers.

But you know what’ll be even funnier? Looking back at when the Knicks could have traded Derrick Rose’s expiring, still tradable corpse for Ricky Rubio and blew it by overplaying their hand with like an hour left until the trade deadline.

Have A Night Vince Carter

Half Geriatric Half Amazing with a damn near perfect night last night. I don’t think we spend enough time appreciating just how unexpected this second life has been from Vinsanity. Of all the guys from that era, did you ever really expect Vince to be the one to reinvent himself as a role player? With every label thrown on Vince–fair or unfair–did you ever expect the last one to be “vet bench scorer for the Grit & Grind Grizzlies”? It really is amazing

Have A Night Kawhi Leonard

One seed. Best Record In The NBA. Best Defender in the Universe. Somewhere around 32-7-6-2 any time they need a big game. 11-2 against the rest of the MVP candidates.


Fight me.

Game Of Thrones Of The Night:  LA Clippers – Utah

Really fun game and likely playoff preview in Utah last night.

And if last night was an indication, LA is going to struggle against this Jazz team. Blake couldn’t get anything against this front line. Struggled to get a decent look all night and finished with just eight points on eight shots. On the other end, LA continued to struggle defensively against scoring wings. Gordon Hayward and Joe Johnson combined for 41 points on 50% shooting and 60% from three. And while Chris Paul dropped 33 points, the Paul-Jordan combo was barely able to outplay the Hill-Gobert combo, if at all.

Utah presents matchup problems for everyone – but they seem extremely pronounced against a Clippers team that’s prone to look extremely out-schemed against smart coaching.

The Warriors are as vulnerable as they’ve been in three years. There’s a real chance that Durant is not fully healthy for round two. And the Clippers might not even be there to take advantage of that if they can’t figure out Utah by next month.

Schedule for Saturday, March 14th

Detroit – Cleveland   (-7.5)     7:00   NBATV

Indiana – New York   (+3)     7:30

Oklahoma City – Brooklyn   (+6)     7:30

Portland – New Orleans   (-4)     8:00

Philadelphia – Golden State   (-17)     10:30   NBATV

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