Ham’s Hoops Roundup March 10th – The Nurk-Man Cometh

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Scores and ATS Results

Cleveland 101 – Detroit 106   (Detroit +5)

LA Clippers 114 – Memphis 98   (LA Clippers +3)

San Antonio 92 – Oklahoma City 102   (Oklahoma City +2)

Philadelphia 108 – Portland 114   (Philadelphia +9.5)

LA Lakers 122 – Phoenix 110   (LA Lakers +5.5)

Have A Night Jusuf Nurkic


Now to be fair, a lot this was done against the profoundly lazy and disinterested Jahlil Okafor. There might not be a lazier, more disinterested player in the history of organized basketball. Your buddy who hates basketball but was the only option to get even numbers in the pickup game? He cares more about that game then Jah Okafor cares about every game he’s played in a Sixers uniform.

BUT STILL…. 28-20-8-6 is 28-20-8-6. You don’t see 28-20-8-6 every night. Especially not from a guy who was traded WITH a first round pick just to get the most coordinated Plumlee brother back. 28-20-8-6 is a special. And maybe Jusuf Nurkic will be this special for the Blazers for a long time to come. Probably not… but he’s off to a hell of a start.

Have A Night Russell Westbrook

23-13-13 for Russy and a much needed win.

Though to be fair, none of that game actually counts because Kawhi got hurt in the third quarter. Took a flying arm from Oladipo that was not unintentional but also if Kawhi can’t play against Golden State tomorrow then Vic we’re going to have problems buddy. OKAY?

Have A Night Andre Drummond

Andre Drummond has been wildly underwhelming this season. Andre Drummond will probably continue to be wildly underwhelming for his entire career. There’s just something so profoundly underwhelming about him. His game. His team. His personality. And look, there’s nothing wrong with that. He’s a shy guy. That’s fine. It’s just that in a league with so many brash, in-your-face personalities, the guys like Drummond will never stand out.

But credit where credit is due… he was not underwhelming last night. He was totally whelming. And he made some huge plays down the stretch to prevent a Cleveland comeback in the final minutes.

So congrats on your standout game, Andre. See you again on here in like 10 months, maybe.


Schedule for Friday, March 10th

Orlando – Charlotte   (-8)     7:00

Houston – Chicago   (+5.5)     8:00

Indiana – Milwaukee   (-3)     8:00

Golden State – Minnesota   (+5)     8:00   NBATV

Toronto – Atlanta   (-2.5)     8:00

Boston – Denver   (+3)     9:00

Brooklyn – Dallas   (+11.5)     9:00

Washington – Sacramento   (+8)     10:30   NBATV

Schedule for Saturday and Sunday:


Golden State – San Antonio   (No Line Yet)     8:30   ABC 

And a whole bunch of Conference Championships. March Madness is right around the corner folks. Gonna have a lot of Hoops to Roundup come Thursday through Sunday next week.





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