Ham’s Hoops Roundup March 9th – The Celtics Fear No Team, And Dion Waiters Fears No Shot

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Scores and ATS Results

Chicago 91 – Orlando 98   (Orlando +1.5)

Charlotte 101 – Miami 108   (Miami -4)

Brooklyn 105 – Atlanta 110   (Brooklyn +10)

New York 93 – Milwaukee 104   (Milwaukee-6.5)

LA Clippers 91 – Minnesota 107   (Minnesota+3.5)

Toronto 94 – New Orleans 87   (Toronto +3.5)

Detroit 98 – Indiana 115   (Indiana -4)

Utah 115 – Houston 108   (Utah +8.5)

Sacramento 104 – San Antonio 114   (Sacramento +11.5)

Washington 123 – Denver 113   (Washington -2)

Boston 99 – Golden State 86   (Boston +7.5)

Have A Night Boston

TWELVE. The Celtics held the Warriors to 12 fourth quarter points.

This Boston team is not scared man. These dudes are just not scares. Isaiah. Bradley. Smart. Crowder. Brown. Horford. These dude will take and will make shots when it matters all while defending the hell out of the ball on the other side. Cleveland, Golden State, San Antonio, whoever. These dudes are expertly coached and fearless. And while I still don’t believe they can beat a healthy Cavs and/or healthy Warriors team over a series, I still absolutely believe they can compete for seven games. And who reall knows what will happen with Kevin Love or Kevin Durant.

Look at this picture. Is this the look of a guy who will be deemed healthy during his April 1st reevaluation? I’m not a doctor. But I also don’t envision this guy being healthy any time before May. And after that, who really knows how quickly he’ll return to form. Not sayin’… just… you know… just sayin’

By the way, how about the MVP chants for Isaiah to close this game out?

First chants for an opposing player since the last time Kobe was great which of course was 2007. Don’t @ me.

Have A Night Dion Waiters

Another night, another Dion Waiters dagger.

I can’t believe I’m saying this… and when I say that, I really mean I CAN NOT BELIEVE I AM SAYING THIS… but maybe this is just who Dion is now. Maybe Dion has figured it out. Maybe he’s this stone cold killer that we’ve overlooked for a decade.

After an 11-30 start to the season, Miami has won 20 of it’s last 24 games. Dion Waiters is basically posting 20-6-4 a night during this stretch, with what feels like 15 or so absolute DAGGERS.

Preposterous fadeaways, banked three pointers, off-balanced stepbacks. Doesn’t matter. If it’s to put the game away, Dion Waiters is making the shot.

That’s just who Dion is now. He’s the Revenant, except instead of leaving these teams to die, he sticks the dagger through Tom Hardy’s eye and dances on his grave. Oh, spoiler alert. Sorry.


Have A Night Giannis Antetokounmpo

Good news guys the Knicks did in fact outscore Giannis 37-22 in the second half. Huge moral victory, imho.

Seriously though that was a much needed L for my Knicks #NoPulseForFultz #GonzoForLonzo #SkunkForMonk #TrashingForJackson

Have A Night Patty Mills and Manu Ginobli

How about the bench backcourt spurring (sorry, sorry) a Kawhi-less San Antonio to a 28 point comeback last night?

That would have been the story of the night if Pop hadn’t showed up like this. Not only was there no explanation… there wasn’t even an acknowledgement. I’m pretty sure every reporter is just too afraid to ask him.

Maybe he tripped into a door frame after a few too many glasses of wine. Maybe he fought a bear. I don’t know. And I actually prefer not to know. Let this add to Pops mysterious aura. I love it.

Around The Association

Mason Plumlee took one of the cleanest, firmest kicks to the dick I’ve ever seen. Just a rock solid connection right there. Snapped the swig and crushed the berries. I had my own wind knocked out of me just watching this.

What do I believe Markieff’s punishment should be for this? Life. Life in the hole. I don’t care if he’s a Plumlee. I don’t care if he’s a Dukie. I don’t care if he’s Satan himself. Intention cock shots are a criminal offense in my book. Find a good lawyer and you could try him for Attempted Homicide Of Any Potential Plumlee Children. You’re literally and figuratively destroying his bloodline, and that’s a crime in my book. Lock him up, and lock his brother up with him. Can’t take any risks.

(See, you CAN write about dicks and kicks without mention the name of a certain Defensive Player Of The Year Runner Up from Michigan State University.)

Never change Lance. I mean, not that you even could if you tried. But still… never change.

Be more casual… you can’t

New phone who dis

Yickety YEET

Guh bah

And we close it out with a YUUUUGE win last night in Houston from the Jazz, who sit now just 3 games behind the Rockets for the three seed. We’ve all been juiced for the potential Spurs-Rockets 2-3 second round series. After everything that transpired last night, there’s a very real possibility we see that exact series at the 1-4.

Spurs-Warriors. Saturday. ABC. 8:30. BE THERE.

Schedule for Thursday, March 9th

Cleveland – Detroit   (-4.5)     7:30

LA Clippers – Memphis   (-3)     8:00

San Antonio – Oklahoma City   (+3)     8:00   TNT

Philadelphia – Portland   (-10)     10:00

LA Lakers – Phoenix   (-6)     10:30   TNT

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