Barcelona Announcer Had A Hilariously Magical Call To Cap Their Incredible 6-1 Comeback

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I don’t know if I’m laughing through tears or crying through laughs but I know that I’m doubled over in pain right now.

And I know that this was magic. Pure, unadulturated magic here. No exaggeration. No frills. Nothing fake. Fat Charlie Kelly No Offense is not playing it up for the cameras.

This is real. This is genuine. Half their press box are wearing the goddamn jersey for christ’s sake. The game is going on and Fat Charlie Kelly No Offense had to put the mic down just to cry in his hands. He couldn’t handle it. There’s still and ending to call and I’m sure a throw back to studio, and he’s just like “nah man. can’t do it.” Wiping the tears away like a father in the delivery room. That’s just how much this means to him.

What a moment. What a scene. What a call.

Oh and that comeback? Yes. I would in fact label that a good comeback. 4-0 down on aggregate. 5-3 down on aggregate in the 87th minute, needing three goals to win. And actually going it? Good comeback. Solid comeback I’d say. It would be cool if someone had all the highlights to post and not just the last goal.

Hey, just a thought Fox Sports.

Also I made this because I hate myself


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