My Clemson Tigers Are Going To Beat The Duke Blue Devils Today

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Tied at the half. But if you’re a sports fan like me you know the second half actually in fact means more. Win the second half, win the game as the old saying goes.

I’m entirely prepared for Clemson to go down early in the second half (already have), make a big comeback (in progress), and then lose in the last minute like they have in almost every single ACC game this year.

At least I was prepared for that. But this is a new Clemson. We are the National Champions in football and everyone knows there’s a strong cross-sport correlation after you win a title. We beat Nick Saban and big bad Alabama in the National Championship. Scored three touchdowns in the fourth quarter against the greatest defense of all time. Member? I member. You think I’m scared of Coach K(oward) and the Dookies? Bunch of one and done freshman looking forward to the draft and a couple of white crybabies? HAH!

Folks,, there will be no New York Knicks fake comeback.

Friendship has ended with Knicks. Now Clemson is my best basketball friend.

Let’s go Tigers.


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