Brandon Marshall Signs With The New York Giants. MY COLUMN:

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I like Brandon Marshall.

I like Brandon Marshall the football player. That’s as tough a dude there is in this league. He plays hard, plays smart, plays through injuries.

I like Brandon Marshall the person. I think he’s dealt with a ton of shit in his life – a fair amount of it self-inflicted – and made a real effort to grow from it, learn from it, and educate people — especially in regards to issues of mental health. And while I’m not crazy about him doing the Showtime show, it’s really not that big a deal. 1) He’s never not prepared or not in shape come game day. 2) It’s his life. He’s going somewhere to talk about football for what is probably two hours on a Tuesday. What’s there to complain about really?

I think Brandon Marshall is a surprisingly great fit on the giants in both of those regards. I think he’ll be good influence on Odell. This is a guy who has dealt with many of the same anger and self-control issues that Odell has. A super talented vet who’s dealt with a ton of criticism. And Odell has shown that he’s not just willing but eager to accept help and advice from veterans, legends, etc. I of course think a lot of the Odell stuff is wildly overblown. But it’s there. And I do think Marshall will be a good influence.

And I think he’s a great fit in terms of talent. Eli thrives with big targets – and hasn’t had one since Plaxico left. He’s the best red zone target Eli has ever had and Eli is the best quarterback Brandon has ever had. And while both and clearly on the back side of their careers, this could be an absolutely incredible tandem.

The Giants went into this offseason desperately needing a real tight end – both as a big, reliable red zone target and as a run blocker with their lack of talent at each of the tackle positions. And while this by no means changes that objective, it at least reduces the need for a Red Zone target. (Seriously though, please draft a real tight end)

But between Beckham, Marshall, and Shephard, this is the most talented and complete receiving corps in the league. A+ hands and A+ specialties all around. Shepard has shown he’ll be a monster third down guy in the slot. Marshall is as great a red zone target as anyone in the league. And Beckham is the best big play receiver in the league, if not the best receiver period.

(He’s not. He’s #2. I have him above Antonio, but behind Julio. You can’t not give the crown to Julio right now. It’s his, and he has a firm grasp on it. Anyone who argues otherwise is stupid and should have their football talking privileges removed for a week.)


There isn’t a defense in the league that can contain all three of those guys. And no matter what the haters and losers say, Eli is still an ELITE Quarterback. Anyone who says otherwise is FAKE NEWS. Sad!

With all that being said…

Can we sign an offensive lineman now? I mean for the love of god, GO GET A LEFT TACKLE. Sign a vet left tackle who won’t get a BAZILLION penalties. Draft a right tackle who’s ready to step in and play. Stick Eric Erik Ereck Flowers at right Guards. Stick Ereck Flowers on a plane out of town. Stick Ereck Flowers down a trash chute. Whatever. Just get me two left tackles so we can win in the trenches in January. That’s where teams are built. That’s what wins in this league. And if they can bolster the ends of the O line, there’s no reason this team can’t seriously compete for a Super Bowl.

I like Marshall. I like a lot of the things you’ve done over the last year and a half. Good job. Now go get Tackles, Jerry. And also a tight end. Thanks

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