AAAAND GOOD AFTANOON EVERYBODY Here’s Your First Trailer For The Mike & The Mad Dog 30 For 30

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How are you today? Nice to have you with us on a Wednesday in New York on the eighth day of March the year two ah thousand and seven TEEN

Good to have you aboard today chat to you about what’s happening in the world of sports

And I’ll tell you what’s happening FOLKS,,


The long awaited Mike & The Mad Dog documentary is upon us… and it comes in the form of a 30 For 30.

I’d imagine that if you’re reading this, you’re a pretty avid fan of The Mike & The Mad Dog program or, in the case of some younger and or late-to-the-party readers, simply just Mike. Which in either case means I don’t have to explain to you the beautiful irony of ESPN getting to make this.

Okay, maybe irony isn’t the right word. Mike chose ESPN for a reason. He passed over HBO or any of the streaming services (that he’s probably never heard of) because… well because it allows him to rub his Ovah Thirty Yeahs of success right in their face. The Goliath of the sports world, that he’s stood up to for three plus decades, has to tuck their tail between their legs and bow down to his greatness… at least in his mind. They have to broadcast him saying he’s Numbah One. He hasn’t had an ESPN guy on in what feels like a decade… and now that same company is making a featured film about him. Only Mike, man. Only Mike.

Now we’ve known for a couple of months that this was in the works. And between the Mike & The Mad Dog Reunion and the radio simulcasts and the times Russo has been on with Mike, they’ve revealed a LOT of information about how things started, how things progressed, and how things fell apart between the two of them. We pretty much know what happened.

But that doesn’t mean this won’t be great. That doesn’t mean there aren’t stories yet to come out or behind the scenes details revealed. That doesn’t mean it won’t still be awesome to hear old audio like the stuff from their first ever show in the trailer above. And above all else, we’ll get to see Mike and Dog on screen together. No matter the animosity… no matter the time apart… no matter the situation… when those two get together they make magic. Plain and simple.

We’re back. Let’s hit da phones. Ham in New York, howahyoutoday?


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