The Knicks Tiny Table Is Back… In The White House Press Room?

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Listen folks,,

You can’t talk about making “The Best Deals” and then go rent the infamous Tiny Table. Uh-uh. No siree. Folks that thing has seen more bad deals than an abandoned pickle factory. If I had a dollar for every regretful contract signed on that thing I could double Joakim Noah’s salary and still buy my own Boeing 747 to throw myself out of.

I mean does the White House have any concept of how bad an omen this is? Every New York Knick from Stephon to Sasha has laid pen to paper on that table, and you’re going to ink a restructuring of 20% of the nations economy on it? Great…

Hey Sean Spicer, do us all a favor and wheel that thing right out the door and straight into the nearest wood chipper. Then take the remains, pile them up, wring Steve Bannon’s clothes out over it, and strike the goddamn match.

The Knicks Tiny Table has been a constant source of entertainment over the last few years. But a few years has been long enough. I’m #done. I can’t take it any more. Sign your Chasson Randles and Lance Thomases and Marshall Plumlees to outrageous extensions on literally anything else. Sign them on a five foot replica of James Dolan’s Harmonica. I don’t care. Just get the Tiny Table tf out of my life once and for all.

Hold me closer Tiny Tableeee

Count the signing that were pure trashhhh

Lay me down in heavy trafficccc

I hate this franchise oh so muchhhh


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