Ham’s Hoops Roundup March 3rd – Hail Mary

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Scores and ATS Results

Golden State 87 – Chicago 94   (Chicago +7.5)

Charlotte 103 – Phoenix 120   (Phoenix +4)

Oklahoma City 109 – Portland 114   (Portland Pick Em)

Have A Night Jimmy Butler

Big time game from Jimmy last night. One of those games that makes you think you really could build a championship team around this guy.

I don’t know what’ll happen with Butler moving forward. Chicago has done such a poor job of building around him that it’ll take years to fix. They really are better off moving him this offseason and hitting the reset button. And yet you have games like last night that make you think, okay, we have this guy who right now might be a top 7, top 8 player in the game at a premium position, how far are we away really?

And most of the time, it’s just too hard to let that guy go. You know that Jimmy can carry you to the playoffs. You know that he can win a series or two on his own. And maybe you get lucky, right? An injury here, an upset there, and maybe… just maybe… you have enough. You know that’s highly unlikely – but as long as that guy is there, you can sell the illusion of competitiveness and continue to sell tickets. Rebuilding is risky. Rebuilding takes time. Rebuilding doesn’t always work the way it should. Standing pat is safe. That’s what Chicago has done. And that’s what they’ll continue to do as long as this front office is there.

Game Of The Night:  Portland – OKC

Rare to see Dame get the better of Russ. Awesome back and forth between them.

Have A Night Jusuf Nurkic

One of the sneaky little trades of the season was the Nurkic-Plumlee swap between Portland and Denver a few weeks before the deadline. Portland got back Memphis’s first rounder in the deal – a pick that will likely land somewhere in the late teens/early twenties. Was it an earth-shattering deal? Of course not. But it was a nice little mutually beneficial trade between two teams fighting for the eighth seed. Portland desperately needed a big who could defend and crash the boards, and while Jusuf Nurkic won’t be swinging any playoff series in the near future, he’s a solid rotational big that can make a difference. And for a team in Portland that will likely need to shake things up this offseason, that Memphis first rounder could be a very nice trade asset in June.

Around The Association


Schedule for Friday, March 3:

Toronto – Washington   (-5)     7:00

New York – Philadelphia   (+2)     7:00

Miami – Orlando   (+3.5)     7:00

Cleveland – Atlanta   (+3)     7:00   ESPN

LA Clippers – Milwaukee   (+4)     8:00

Memphis – Dallas   (+3)     8:30

Brooklyn – Utah   (-13.5)     9:00

Oklahoma City – Phoenix   (+4)     9:00

San Antonio – New Orleans   (+6.5)     9:30

Boston – LA Lakers   (+7.5)     10:30   ESPN

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