Ham’s Hoops Roundup 3/1 – The Warriors Might Lose Kevin Durant For The Season…

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Hey guys. Sup ladies. How we doin FOLKS,,

Welcome back to the Ham’s Hoops Roundup. Been off a couple days here as your good friend Ham packed up his bags and moved on up to a deluxe apartment in the skyyyyyyy… that its next to more construction than I’ve ever heard in my liiiiiiiife.

And what a day to come back. Russ went absolutely bonkers. Jokic dismantled the bulls for another triple double of his own. Washington held off Golden State at home.

Oh and Kevin Durant is out for the rest of the regular season and possibly done for the year.


First let’s get these out of the way…

Scores and ATS Results:

Golden State 108 – Washington 112   (Washington +7.5)

Portland 113 – Detroit 120   (Detroit -4)

Denver 125 – Chicago 107   (Denver +2.5)

Phoenix 112 – Memphis 130   (Memphis -9)

Utah 106 – Oklahoma City 109   (Oklahoma City +1.5)

Charlotte 109 – Los Angeles 104   (Charlotte -4)


We’ll start with Durant since… you know… this is a piece of information that could swing the entire course of the season.

First of all, Woj is a goddamn animal. Look at the timestamp on that. 3:16am. THREE SIXTEEN. He posted the corresponding blog with that at 4:08am. The man is a goddamn machine.

I’m going to assume the worst here. I’m not usually an “assume the worst” guy. I’m a sports optimist when it comes to injuries. But something about this feels different. It feels like this is something should’ve happened. Not necessarily that it should have happened. But that it was bound to.

It’s not karma. Karma is reserved for nefarious actions. Should Kevin Durant have talked to Russ before leaving? Yes. Dude was his running mate for a goddamn decade. They nearly conquered the league together. And Durant divorced him with nothing more than a text message. But at the end of the day, an adult made a massive life decision for the sake of his and his families happiness and success. You don’t have to like it or even respect it. I just don’t see this as “karma” for some evil action. It’s not.

It just felt like after all that transpired, something was bound to happen right? You stack the deck that much in your favor, it’s not going to turn out perfectly. Sports don’t work that way. Never have, never will.

One of those four was bound to go down. It turns out it just happened to be Durant.

Update:   Well there’s 20 minutes and 300 words I’ll never get back. I guess that’s what I get for jumping the gun.


Have A Night Russell Westbrook:


Russy did Russy

Have A Night Nikola Jokic:

Niiiiiiiikola. Folks the young Serb is slowly starting to work his way towards the top of the Have A Night list. Game after game after game the dude is putting in work. The passing, the rebounding, the freakin touch around the paint. It’s outrageous. He’s dismantling teams on a nightly basis now, and has jumped right to the top of the Must Watch list.

Game Of The Night:

Durant injury aside, it was a dope game in D.C.

Come playoff time, I don’t know how well Washington can hold up over the course of a series. Bogdanovic was a nice add before the deadline. And Brandon Jennings, signed last night, can contribute a few nice minutes off the bench here and there. But I don’t know how much I can trust their bench come playoff time.

For now, though, this team can play with any team on any given night. I’m high on Toronto with the Ibaka and Tucker additions. They probably have the highest ceiling of any non-Cleveland East team. But if these guys can really contribute for Washington, that might change.

Around (The Rest Of) The Association

Our new favorite NBA duo hit the streets of NOLA to celebrate Mardi Gras and also their 0-3 start together.

I don’t want to jump on them for this 0-3 start. Two of those games were against substantially better teams in Houston and OKC. And it’s going to take time for them to fit well together. I do genuinely think they’ll work. They’re super versatile. They can both play on the perimeter or in the post and won’t close things for the other. They can both shoot and handle the ball. And they can both defend.

I do think it’ll work. But putting together two talents like that… two talents who basically play the same position… is going to take a while. It took Lebron and Wade a year to gel. So we have to give them the opportunity to make it work. Especially when the team around them STINKS.




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